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What Is Golden Goal (GDG) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About Golden Goal

What Is Golden Goal (GDG)

The Golden Goal coin makes it a top priority to discover and systematically foster talented youth and amateur players the future of Korea soccer. To this end, fans, players and soccer clubs will be able to interact and help each other in GDG ecosystem.

Golden Goal Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGolden Goal
Short NameGDG
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000
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Golden Goal’s GOAL

GDG Metaverse Soccer Community & GDG NFT

Establish a metaverse soccer community where clubs, players, and fans gather together Publish GDG NFTs and P2E games to boost fandom economy.

Fin Tech. based sports management and fan investment

In Golden Goal platform app, fans can manage players’ sponsorship, trade, etc. Direct investment and monetization of fans to GDG players.

Find and sponsor promising youth soccer playerst

Through the issuance and sponsorship of GDG tokens for youth athletes in need of financial support to promote fostering and growth.

Establish GDG Soccer lab.

Utilize GDG integrated analysis platform technology Analysis of various indicators to make big data

Why GDG?

Based on the blockchainsystem, transparently spend sponsored funds and create fair environment in fostering youth and amateur soccer talents

Certified professionals of Golden Goal Soccer Lab. develop and deliver optimal training programs for each player’s attribute

Build the community among sponsors and talented players by reporting the process of selection, fostering, and growth of them

With the blockchain-based GDG coin, make the sponsorship details public transparently

Sponsors vote for club decision making

Open and make issue all the processes to raise the interest of soccer from the public and establish an environment in which sponsors directly participate in the management of players and clubs.

Sports NFT & NFT Game

NFT(Non-Fungible Token) is the tokens that represent digital assets with sparsity as irreplaceable tokens. It is a virtual asset in a blockchain that cannot be replaced with other coins, and unlike traditional virtual assets, it gives a unique recognition value to digital assets, making it impossible to interchange.

This is a key and proven means of digitalizing existing assets such as games, art, real estate, and sports by clarifying ownership of assets. Since it is based on a blockchain, all related information such as ownership and sales history is stored in the blockchain, so it is possible to check the first issuer at any time, making it impossible to be forged or modified.

Soccer NFT can brand past and present soccer stars, special contents and supplies of star players, history, episodes, and sculptures of the club and make them into one product. It can also be purchased and owned by ordinary people to increase its value. Golden Goal Coin already published NFT of named soccer players such as Lee, Chun Soo and Lee, Yong, and will published other named soccer players’ NFT continuously.

In addition, GDG will develop and service NFT-based soccer mobile game in 2022. As the game shall be based on NFT, so it will introduce Play to Earn(P2E) games that users can get benefits from playing the game. Of course, the game shall be published globally.

GDG will not only create new values by developing soccer NFT, but also play a role in revitalizing Korea football and building and developing closer relationships between soccer stars and fans, the club and fans.

GDG Team

Lee Yong – Director

Hong SoonHak Director

Yoon BitGaram Director

Lee, Star CTO

Leonard, Park COO

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