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What Is GloryDoge (GLORYD)? Complete Guide Review About GloryDoge.

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What Is GloryDoge (GLORYD)?

GloryDoge is a community blockchain project that will allow investors access to a variety of real estates and properties owning full or parts of these assets through fractional ownership and be part of the ever-growing real estate industry. Estate aims to offer clients a verifiable record of property data that would allow the parties to complete a deal who generally don’t know each other and to trust that the seller actually has true ownership of that property through both the blockchain immutable ledger and utilisation of NFT ownership certificates.

These powerful tools will allow all parties involved in a domestic or international transfer of property to see without any question or doubt that there are not any claims against the title of that property outside of the current purchase. Having an undisputed history of record is incredibly important, and while this may be possible without this technology, using blockchain can help make the process more efficient and secure than processes currently in place today.

GloryDoge Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGloryDoge
Short NameGLORYD
Circulating Supply443,970.00B GLORYD
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Explanation of Market

With this the property market has always seen a steady flow of investors moving in and out of the market making for a use case for commercial real estate however there are certain examples where this can fail and where GloryDoge can provide a quick solution if take a look at the following item. The current property market has always been attractive for savers and investors with the general assumption outside of market dips that market value of property will always hold in a predictable manner against market inflation.

In certain scenarios a market moves suddenly or as in current climate situations as of 2021 Token see ourselves in technical recession, investors may wish to move or liquidate property assets quickly and efficiently in order to hedge against such fluctuations or even simply just to realist profits.

Little or no transparency

Realtors or brokers usually keep property buyers and sellers in the dark. Most are just concerned about the commission charged from both buyer and seller with zero transparency. Most real estate agents do not act in the client’s best interest, it’s always a tedious task to search for an agent who will act in the best interest of the client without putting commission first.

Property data safety issues

GloryDoge Third-party property listing sites tend to charge high subscription fees whereas property data stored on their centralized server is prone to hack and not safe. The information on forms or documents used by Real Estate agents for property purchase/sale can be lost if not properly backed up or in case of unforeseen contingencies like server hack, hard disk crash or fire outbreak.

Solutions Offered By Bricks Estate

GloryDoge platform adopts blockchain technology to curb safety problems by allowing listing on an immutable decentralized network, unlike Third-party property listing sites. Safety is fostered by storing documents in Estate document vault which is a core product, and also issuing advanced secure property certificates in form of non-fungible tokens or collectibles. Estate will be a key player in Real Estate tokenization. Data stored in the blocks are highly encrypted giving high levels of safety assurance to property buyers and sellers.


GloryDoge will be used for paying part of the agent fees to GloryDoge. A percentage of paid as agent fees will be burnt quarterly, hence more scarcity and value for BRICK holders. They can be used as full payment or part payment for purchasing properties depending on agreement between both parties (buyer and seller). However, both parties can decide to use BTC, ETH, listed stable coins on Estate platform or FIAT for full payment. Fees will be paid for storing / securing property documents on Estate Document Vault.

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