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Gagarin Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam?

About Gagarin Ico

Gagarin is a fully decentralized platform for project incubation, their subsequent support and IDO, created by experts. Thanks to a high level of automation, They lowers the entry threshold for investors, simplifies the process of finding partners and raising funds for projects, and connects experts and those who need their services. They supports BSC and CSC blockchains. The utility token is called GGR. Placing GGR tokens in the launchpad pools allows the user to gain a level and the ability to receive distribution and participate in IDO.

Gagarin Ico Key Information

Token NameGagarin
Fundraising Goal$50,000
Ico Price$0.095000
Personal Cap40usdt-150usdt
Token For Sale526,315 GGR
Soft Cap$354,500
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Invest to GAGARIN and overcome gravity!

Users who make a purchase of GGR tokens will have access to the following bonuses:

  • Access to a closed group with professional investors
  • Guaranteed allocation for all upcoming projects
  • Earn 15% APR on redeemed tokens
  • Access to advanced launchpad features

Exclusivity GAGARIN

Smart investing

System that simplifies the process of interaction between the investors and projects. Investors no longer spend time studying projects in detail in different sources, do not track switching stages and claims to get the maximum benefit and do not live in calendars.

All that investors do in the Gagarin — Launchpad of the Future is to enter the system, lock the budget, manage their investments in the notification bot in two clicks and automatically receive tokens.

Decentralized Fraud Protection

Projects can independently run an IDO at GAGARIN. To do this, they need to lock a certain number of tokens as collateral. This approach increases investor confidence in the project and the utility of the GGR token compared to other launchpad tokens, which benefits all users.

Expert community

Gagarin Ico brings together market professionals under its auspices to provide investors with the expertise of the whole community for the selection of projects by an alliance of professional companies that have become platform partners.

As part of GAGARIN, an expert network is being created, a place where experts can publish their profiles and analytics about projects, receiving bonuses in tokens for this, develop networking and find new clients.

How GAGARIN works

From now on, investing in startups is not a lottery, but a profitable investment!

Searching for project

Hundreds of startups are launched every day around the world. However, only a few of them succeed. We place on the platform only promising projects that have been reviewed by our specialists.

Project expertise, marketing services

They know that many teams lack experience and expertise for a launch. That is why Gagarin Ico offers each project the opportunity to access to expertise of professional team.

Launching project

More than 100 experts of team audit projects and work on their development. This is how we guarantee that the project will defy gravity and conquer the market.

Launching IDOs

They are launching the project and IDOs on fair and clear terms, beneficial to each user of the platform.

Advancing Project

The projects they launch will not be left to themselves. They will receive full technical expertise and marketing support. We will not just launch a project, they will make it overcome gravity!

GAGARIN’s Features

Gagarin is the surname of the man who first made it into space. It is a symbol of advanced technologies and well-coordinated work of many experts. They have applied this principle to platform.

Incubation and project support

They help startups with their development and offer the following:

Technical expertise & development

Security audits

Marketing support & PR

Security. Fairness. Transparency

They guarantee transparency in the implementation of the rounds and the allocation.

They create a pool of investors who have successfully passed the KYC check.

Well-designed financial model and tokenomics

The utility tokenomics model allows us to keep the community’s interest in the projects and the GAGARIN token stable.

Selection and project expertise

Each placed project is reviewed by our expert committee.

Developed by professionals

Architecture and technical implementation developed by RSquad Blockchain Lab.

DAO. Governance and influence

Gagarin Ico decentralized governance system allows investors to decide on the listing of projects on the platform and support promising projects.

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