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What Is Furio ($FUR)? Complete Guide & Review About Furio

What Is Furio ($FUR)?

Furio is a daily ROI platform that offers a deflationary up to 2.5% daily rewards system. The $FUR token is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that gives investors up to 2.5% daily returns on their investment for up to 360% of their principle amount (or 100k $FUR tokens through compounding).

Furio Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFurio
Short Name$FUR
Max Supply1,000,000
Total Supply10,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

How It Works


Buy $FUR tokens on the Furswap page with 0% taxation.


Deposit $FUR tokens into Furvault and immediately start earning up to 2.5% daily rewards.


Compound your balance by depositing your daily rewards, adding more $FUR, or via referral bonuses.


All $FUR rewards come from a 10% tax on all $FUR transactions excluding buys from the Furswap page.

Furio offers a deflationary up to 2.5% daily ROI system.

Paired with USDC it is completely unaffected by the usual ups and downs of the Crypto market and is decoupled from Bitcoin entirely.

Participants can compound their daily rewards to achieve optimal results, claim up to 2.5% a day from day 1 of depositing, and earn bonuses by creating teams that offers rewards in a round robin system.

Rewards, Deflation & Compounding

  • Once purchased, $FUR tokens can be deposited into Furios vault contract (Furvault) which provides a consistent up to 2.5% daily return (up to 360% of the initial principal amount or 100k max payout through compounding).
  • Deposits into the vault are burnt out of circulating supply (adding deflation) and your account receives a deposit balance.
  • You can claim up to 2.5% daily gains or compound them to maximise your future returns and vault balance.

 Liquidity Pool & Furswap

  • Furswap offers a function that waives the initial 10% tax on buys (other dexes will not waive this).
  • Pairing $FUR with USDC gives FUR a stable price point that is not affected by the general Crypto marketplace conditions!
  • The price of $FUR is increased through a combination of burning the total supply and decreasing the circulating supply.
  • FUR/USDC liquidity is in Pancakeswap. 

Referral System and Accelerating ROI

  • To successfully deposit into the Fur vault staking contract, you will first need to join someone else’s team by either using their referral link or by manually adding their wallet address into the buddy referral system.
  • The best $FUR strategy is to focus on team building through direct referrals, as you will receive bonus rewards from referrals on their deposits and down line bonuses from participants they refer in turn.
  • To receive referral rewards, participants must hold Furio NFT’s in their wallets and the depth of the rewards received will be determined by their individual Furio NFT’s tier requirements.

Rewards & Penalties

  • A unique variable rewards programmer in order to protect the future of the ecosystem.
  • The system is designed to be fair and encourage positive action which benefits everyone and the ecosystem going forward.
  • They are proud of this approach and make no apology for encouraging good participants and penalizing bad participants.

Furio Accredited Scheme Teams

  • Teams will be listed on the Furio website and on the DAPP with team details if you achieve a number of keypoints.
  • Competitions and league tables if you want your team to participate
  • Airdropping rewards to teams.
  • Prize airdrops to the best performing teams in the league tables.
  • Other team benefits added to FAST as the ecosystem develops.

Get Started In Only 4 Steps

Get Metamask

Download & install the Metamask wallet extensions on a desktop browser like Chrome. You can store & manage your $FUR in this BSC wallet.


You can buy USDC on using BNB tokens. You will need BNB tokens to pay for transaction fees on BSC and also for transaction fees with Furio.

Swap for FUR

Visit, connect your Metamask wallet, go to the SWAP page & trade your USDC for $FUR. Make sure to have BNB in your wallet to pay for transaction fees.

Vault it!

You already own $FUR at this point, well done! To vault it, visit and go to the VAULT page, connect your metamask wallet and stake your $FUR tokens.

Bringing Pump & Dump Protection to DeFi

  • Not just a launch tax but a permanent tax.
  • Any Wallet looking to sell $FUR tokens which has no $FUR in the vault will be charged a sales tax of 50%.
  • Any wallet looking to sell $FUR tokens where the sale of tokens is greater than 25% of the number of tokens in the vault will be charged a sales tax of 50%.
  • All wallets are allowed a max of one sales transaction per day.
  • Designed not to penalise any of the good participants.
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