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What Is Fry world (FRIES)? Complete Guide Review About Fry world.

What Is Fry world (FRIES)?

Fry world pays users ₣1000 to link to friends and more for referrals, then analyzes those links to create highly accurate, private Decentralized IDs. Proof of Person Mining will allow everyone to mine with equal mining power creating maximum decentralization. They are economically strong, energy efficient, have low transaction fees, have more stable prices, and are highly scalable. In company pre-ICO they are selling up to 10 Billion for $0.07 each I have documentation and would be happy to explain why priced it as such, though legally I can not give this information to buyers.

Fry world Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFry world
Short NameFRIES
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply50,600
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Using Proof of Person to Maximize Decentralization

You are a social being with a fundamental need to connect to other people. Fry world uses these connections to link you into a social graph, the foundation for a truly peer-to-peer digital currency. These links are analyzed to verify your fully decentralized private user ID securing your money. This is building the first completely decentralized cryptocurrency. Every user can equally mine the Proof-of-Person blockchain, giving you equal say and equal pay. 

When everyone mines as an equal, no one has the power to 51% attack the blockchain or change the initially agreed-upon rules. Fry world long as you link to enough people, your money will always remain yours and only yours. The ability to calculate the number of people who own, while maintaining your privacy, allows Frink’s distribution to encourage stability relative to changes in the number of users, the most common cause of wild price swings. Note increases and decreases in usage may still increase or decrease the price.

Digital Cryptocurrency

Fry world is a company creating a new decentralized digital currency, Global Credits (Ͼ), as well as new high accuracy private decentralized digital IDs. They are striving to create the most customer friendly currency and IDs ever made. Global Credits are earned into existence as people create these decentralized IDs for by vouching for each other. Because the number of credits increases as the number of customers does, the price should be more steady as supply and demand increase together.  

Additionally this allows pricing Global Credits independent of the number of users.  Because use IDs, they are also capable of implementing a referral program paying users a generous amount for their referrals of other users. Fry world Using these decentralized IDs, people can process transactions for the network, aka mine, as equals and get paid the new digital cryptocurrency, Global Credits, as a reward.

Energy Efficient Blockchain

Because they break the miners into smaller communities of miners that are linked together as well as having an extremely good blockchain compression algorithm building off of research done by Ethereum and Cryptonite, they are creating a high performance, scalable, low bandwidth, energy efficient blockchain. Once fully complete, Fry world believe it should be possible to connect to a decentralized community and start the wallet a few seconds after downloading a maximum of 1GB, even after years of Visa level transactions, in a decentralized manner.

Savings Account to the Spending Account

Finally, long term Fry world have plans to give users two accounts, a spending account and a saving account. It’ll take 24 hours to move money from the savings account to the spending account. However, they will have some small amount of inflation on the spending account, but protect investors from this using the savings account. This allows us to remain economically healthy yet also investor friendly. This inflation will pay the miners to ensure we grow to run the most decentralized network ever.

Distribution and Price Stability

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proven that nobody knows how to value the currency early on. So be warned, it will take time for the market to find the correct price. However, this distribution should improve the stability, particularly because after the first bubble or two, it becomes very obvious when the currency is in a bubble when the price graph looks like the below graph. Additionally, it prevents investors from speculating on how the price will change based on the number of future users, which encourages actual user usage.

Additional, as Fry world shown the per capital GDP is strongly linked to the price of the currency, the higher the per capital GDP, the higher the price. This will add some volatility to the mix but the difference in per capital GDP between currencies varies by much less and slower than the number of users. Additionally, being able to accurately know what this number is will allow it to be more obvious what the current price is.

Fry world Note this graph does not account for changes in usage or how seriously investors are taking cryptocurrencies in general these days compared to early days The above graph shows the market cap of Bitcoin compared to the predicted market cap using Odlyzko’s Law.

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