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What Is Froggies(FROGGIES)Review ? Complete Guide Review About Froggies

What Is Froggies(FROGGIES)Review ?

Froggies designed community to mirror all of nature’s best processes, and to bring nature’s exceptional wisdom to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With an Ecosystem designed to forge and nurture a collaborative biome, FROGGIES is primed to support a decentralized financial universe with the ability to harness the participitory power of members for a positive, sustainable future. FROGGIES cultivates synergistic partnerships working toward a common goal: a healthy and prosperous future for the earth and all who reside on it.

Froggies objective is to create the groundwork for this vision through the $Froggies token, designed to organically develop into a living, thriving organism of networks, comprised of engaged members. The token is a conduit to spark synergies and synapsis with associations and companies who share foremost creative vision: sustainable ecosystems for future generations.

Froggies (FROGGIES) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFroggies
Short Name(FROGGIES)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply100,000,000,000,000,000
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The mission is to leap towards a clean, net-zero financial ecosystem through strategic partnerships and investments. Onward! TEAM has been a part of meme coin communities and believes that own Frog Army is ready to use the power of the collective to create solutions that will benefit current and future generations.

The know that collective communities like these can and will continue to create a force which can move mountains and eliminate boundaries. ARMY will swell to include all community members, working together to generate new ways of thinking and new applications of using Crypto currency as an abundant ecosystem to build and foster communities, and create synergies with like-minded associations and partners.


This is designed to directly reward individuals, companies and organizations for taking part in sustainable practices. Hop aboard and join us as bridge the gap between Meme Coin communities and collaborative philanthropy with a brand-new hybrid concept cryptocurrency! contributes to collaborating organizations through partnership program. From here, work as one biome: establishing the FROGGIES financial ecosystem as a global currency for the protection of natural world.

Token Name: Froggies Token

Token Symbol: FROGGIES

Cross-Chain Bridge: Ethereum <-> BSC

Initial Supply:

50% Burned at launch

5% buy tax for redistribution to existing Community Members

5% sell tax for Development and Marketing and 5% for Liquidity Pools

A fully traceable, transparent and community-supervised contract empowering $FROGGIES holders and collaborators.


50% of tokens were burned at launch (non-recoverable) and the total available number of tokens in the Ecosystem are 50,000,000,000,000,000. The link to the burn Wallet can be found in the Table below. The tax round trip for the buying and the selling of the $Froggies token is 10% in total and distributed as follows:

From every buy transaction of the $Froggies token, there is an automatic 5% redistribution reward to the existing holders including the Burn Wallet. This means that simply by investing and holding the $Froggies token, the Community Members are earning passive income. The burn wallet ensures a deflationary token, with the total pool of tokens becoming less and less over time, therefore increasing the token price depending on the mechanism of Supply and Demand.

They have also created a special Marketing Wallet that has been awarded 4% of the initial $Froggies token supply, and will be transparent on the blockchain and visible to all. This Wallet is intended for attracting respectable figures in the cryptocurrency field and influencers that can help to support the growth of Community. as a community will select and ensure that this transfer is transparent and goes to those who are best qualified to support Community