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What Is FomoETH(FomoETH)? Complete Guide & Review About FomoETH

What Is FomoETH (FomoETH)?

FomoETH , a revolutionary and community-driven blockchain ecosystem focused on Reward Distribution and NFT Technology. was born from a redistributive philosophy that aimed to reward holders for their loyalty to a token and projects. What makes singular in its ability to generate value, is that it’s the first auto-reflection token to operate on both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain Network, primarily configured to redistribute wealth and ownership to the community through the token and our flagship project, NFTagram.

FomoETH (FomoETH) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFomoETH
Short Name(FomoETH)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply1,000,000,000,000
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FomoETH Token

FomoETH is a revolutionary and community-driven blockchain ecosystem focused on NFT Technology. What makes FomoETH singular in its ability to generate value, is that it operates on both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain Network, and primarily configured to work as the main token for flagship project, NFTagram.

How Does Work

The token dynamics propagate on-chain transactional fees by assigning the accumulated funds to token holders based on their current wallet holdings. Assuming the transaction volume is continuous, holders should benefit from the incremental ETH payments up until they decide to liquidate the token.


FomoETH NFTagram seeks to consolidate the social dynamics of Instagram with the current wave of NFT projects that are forced to debut on non-interactive platforms like OpenSea. Understanding the correlation between personalisation and popularity amongst digital platforms was one of the key philosophies behind NFTagram, and how it can be used to promote organic growth. Blending this with a burgeoning market based on revolutionary NFT technology, and the project becomes a guaranteed home run.

How FomoSwap Works

FomoETH The vast majority of traders and crypto enthusiasts are familiar with and frequently use Ethereum and Binance, making them both the optimal tokens to fork for FomoETH token. This means that FomoETH holders will have the ability to swap their tokens on popular exchanges, such as, AnySwap and PancakeSwap, with the ERC20 and BEP20 standard. Crypto enthusiasts continue to swap tokens to take advantage of different chains and shifting prices. BSC offers a range of projects and technology not available on the Ethereum network, and vice versa.


Wallet encryption allows users to secure their assets, as well as view transactions and account balances. The mechanisms protect funds from viruses and malware threats. The is also where holders can securely store their NFT assets and tokens.

Initial DEX Offering

FomoETH IDO presale will take place on the PinkSale launchpad. Instead of waiting for the FomoETH token to be listed on an exchange, the IDO launchpad makes it easy for the blockchain to foster the FomoETH ecosystem.

Instant liquidity fronted by DEX allows FomoETH to immediately offer staking, further incentivizing long-term holding, which is a vital step in the FomoETH rewards initiative. The direct cash flow provided by DEX facilitates other key components like mining, which stabilize projects and nurture token growth


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