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What Is F5 Sleep (F5S)? Complete Guide Review About F5 Sleep.

What Is F5 Sleep (F5S)?

According to the Sleep Foundation, seventy-five percent of depressed patients suffer from insomnia, also known as a lack of sleep. In contrast, sleep deprivation is most prevalent among adults and psychiatric patients. Various global studies indicate that sleep deprivation affects approximately 30 percent of the world’s population, with some countries reporting incidences as high as 50 to 60 percent.

F5 Sleep breaks new ground by financially incentivizing users to prioritize healthy habits with no compromises on productivity. Consider your priorities. Some people need a tracker that records heart rate and breathing, while others just want to know how long and how restless they slept. You can find the right sleep tracker by evaluating your needs and preferences.

F5 Sleep Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameF5 Sleep
Short NameF5S
Circulating Supply500,000.00 F5S
Total Supply1,300,000
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Combination Of GameFi And SocialFi

F5 Sleep is the latest blockchain-based sleep wellness ecosystem that combines GameFi and SocialFi to improve the sleep quality and overall health of the worldwide community. F5 Sleep features a Sleep-To-Earn mechanism to reward the community for deep sleeping and earn $F5S tokens, with the dual goals of developing sleep technology R&D and offering a real-world benefit inside your ecosystem.


Due to daily stressors, they know many people don’t get a deep night’s sleep. As a result, they don’t get enough sleep. F5 Sleep’s mission is to help people improve their sleep habits while generating passive income. They create a complete profile of your sleep cycles by regular monitoring of your sleep quality. This process will motivate individuals to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Why F5 Sleep?

In addition to an industry-first concept, the innovative approach of the F5 Sleep project aims to tackle Web 3.0. F5 Sleep has created a sleep-to-earn ecosystem in response to the growing popularity of play-to-earn. Users are able to earn money while sleeping. The deeper you sleep, the greater your earnings. Users are being introduced to the concept of deep sleep for financial gain for the first time. The F5 Sleep Marketplace also offers sleep-related products and services for purchase. The project will collaborate with sleep-related businesses to provide financial support so that every company in the sleep ecosystem can flourish.


F5 Sleep market has many sleep trackers. It’s hard to choose. Sleep tracker accuracy is important. Accuracy varies among sleep trackers. Some devices are more accurate and can provide sleep data. Some trackers may not be accurate, leading to inaccurate data and a false sense of progress. Do research before buying.


Choose a sleep tracker that collects accurate data to improve your sleep habits. Some trackers measure only movement, while others monitor heart rate and breathing. Knowing a tracker’s data can help you choose the right one. A simple device can track sleep duration and quality. If you want more detailed sleep information, choose a model that monitors heart rate, breathing patterns, REM, deep sleep duration, and latency.

Why is Sleep-to-Earn beneficial?

Due to the pandemic, lockdown, increased use of electronic devices, and stress, the world is not sleeping enough and the quality of sleep is poor, resulting in increased physical and psychological difficulties. F5 Sleep aims not only to revolutionize the future of sleep technology, but also to fairly compensate all participants and users who contribute to your research strategy to create a better sleeping environment for the global community.

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