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What Is ETNA Metabolism (MTB)? Complete Guide & Review About ETNA Metabolism

What Is ETNA Metabolism (MTB)?

ETNA Metabolism || Game is a blockchain company dedicated to developing interconnected products in DeFi, gaming and NFT applications. The project started as a Hybrid gaming ecosystem with the main focus of developing the tools to enable conventional games to integrate to the blockchain with ease. The company is now focused on three major aspects of blockchain tech, which are DeFi, Gaming and NFT applications.

ETNA Metabolism The objective is to create a one-stop-shop where people can access all these great products and features and make the most from their crypto holdings and investments. As you can see, ETNA Network || Game is a multi utility project and its tokens serves multiple use cases. In addition, the following are some things you need to know about ETNA Network ||Game:

ETNA Metabolism Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameETNA Metabolism
Short NameMTB
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000,000
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Why ETNA Network?

Crypto Galaxy

ETNA Metabolism Network is like a crypto galaxy, it is a one-stop ecosystem for interconnected crypto products and technologies. As such, it is a multi-utility ecosystem with products cutting across DeFi, NFT, gaming and everything in between.


To maintain high-end security, products and features are built to operate in a decentralize manner, only users have their login credentials. All smart contracts are developed with security best practices. Several multi-sig vaults, event alarms and more.

User Friendly

ETNA Metabolism Network’s main objective is to build user-centered crypto products that even the inexperienced users can interact with easily. dApps are also developed to operate optimally on any type of device, serving both web and mobile users.


ETNA Metabolism The crypto space is dynamic and constantly evolving. While ETNA Network focuses mainly on its roadmap, it is constantly evolving also. ETNA aims to be the hub for new crypto applications thereby always connecting users with opportunities.


Multichain compatible NFT Hub with the following features:

  • NFT Factory equpped with the tools to enable users mint artworks and collectibles into NFTs.
  • 2P2 Marketplace where users can deploy custom NFT mini-kiosk. Users can list their NFTsfor sale or for auction.
  • First NFT marketplace with spot trading and price-demand curve for assets. Price of assets grow exponentially with demand.


ETNA Game zone built for both conventional game developers and game players.

  • Developer’s hub with game engine to web3 bridging tools like unity-web3 bridge.
  • Quickplay gaming portal for players, supports free play and play-to-earn. Player’s leaderboard and scholarship board.
  • Full game portal for players with PVP, quest, tournament, and adventure mode. Supports training battlefield, free play and play-to-earn. Player’s leaderboard and scholarship board.

ETNA Wallet

ETNA Wallet, a secured, user-centric multipurpose decentralized crypto wallet with the following features:

  • Multichain wallet: A multi-coin/token wallet that supports all major blockchains on mainnet and testnet. Provides users with a safe and secured mobile wallets where all you crypto assets can be stored. Also provides developers with testing tools while developing dApps.
  • NFT dApp support: Store collectibles and other NFTs. Minting, trading and auctioning of NFTs also supported.
  • Support decentralized applications such as dex trading, swap features and lending and borrowing applications.
  • Users will also enjoy airdrops from startup projects and projects incubated.

The Team

ETNA Metabolism network is being developed by a diverse team of contributors with the same goal which is to build a user-centered ecosystem of interconnected crypto products. As the ecosystem grows, look forward to expanding and also onboarding key advisors. Some of the team members are as follows:

What Is ETNA Metabolism (MTB)? Complete Guide & Review About ETNA Metabolism