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What Is Entropyfi (ERP) ? Complete Guide & Review About Entropyfi

What Is Entropyfi (ERP) ?

Entropyfi is a loss-less derivative platform. currently offers lossless asset prediction markets, cope-free hedge, and rekt-free leverage products on Polygon network. is soon coming to other scaling solutions and networks. The market prediction game is now launched in Polygon. If you want to try game in testnet, have also launched in the Ethereum Kovan and Polygon Mumbai. To use the testnet, don’t forget to claim testnet tokens first! The initial target price, ‘e.g BTC > 44,772 USDT’ is just an example. It is queried when the first user joins the game. (all price feed is forwarded by decentralized oracles) If you win- You will be rewarded with the interests generated by all deposits in the prediction market. The more principal you put during your prediction, the more reward you will receive, as the reward is allocated according to your share within all the winners. If you lose- You will NOT lose your principal! You can always get your principal back.

Entropyfi (ERP) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEntropyfi
Short Name(ERP)
Circulating Supply33,000,000.00 ERP
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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Entropyfi (50,50) brings two new products: Soft Hedge and Soft Leverage, designed specifically for rebase token holders to better manage their (3,3) risk and rewards.

Soft Hedge

Entropyfi Do you foresee a negative price action but are afraid of the copium you have to consume if the market goes the other way?

  • Use a soft hedge to temperately risk-off your position
  • Meanwhile maintaining your holdings for capturing the upside.

Soft Leverage

Do you want to (9,9) but the liquidation risk is keeping you up at night?

  • Use soft leverage to boost your rebase reward
  • On top of the price appreciation.

Because soft-leverage is a liquidation-free alternative to (9,9), not only you are better off by carrying less risk, the entire community is also better off by avoiding liquidation cascade.

Liquidation free Alternative to (9,9)

Who is it for?

Entropyfi If really bullish about the project and want to leverage my staking, but I don’t want to face liquidation risk. Then soft leverage is the perfect tool for me to manage the risk.

How does it work?

  • will predict price of the token is higher on the Entropyfi (50,50)
  • If the price is indeed higher at settlement, will not only benefit from the additional boosted rebase reward, but also the price appreciation of the token
  • cannot get liquidated if the market does not go as planned. will only lose their rebase reward
  • The original deposit of the soft leverage users is retained and will earn the boosted rebase reward if we see a positive price movement in the next epoch


Each round lasts for 8 hours ( equal to rebase token rebase duration ), during every 8 hours, there are 4 hours deposit & swap period, and the rest 4 hours will be used as a cool-down period (waiting for settlement). Each Round (8 hours) = Deposit & Swap Period (4 hours) + Cool-down period (4 hours) If you changed your mind about where the market is heading, you can swap your side (Soft Leverage <=> Soft Hedge) during the 4 hours deposit & swap period. To Swap Sides click (50, 50) Details -> goes to detailed analysis page, input the swap options (from which side to which side) and swap amount.

What does the Ambassador Program Lead do

  • Develop and publish weekly tasks to ambassadors
    • In-depth analysis article
    • Copypasta
    • Twitter threadooor
  • Provide guidance to ambassadors for completing the tasks
    • Formulate narratives from Entropyfi development updates
    • Explain the narratives to ambassadors
  • Measure and evaluate ambassador works
    • Collect tasks submissions and ambassador addresses
    • Evaluate the quality of work
    • Create improvement reports with quantitative and qualitative metrics
  • Expand Entropyfi ambassador base
    • Create recruiting pipeline for Entropyfi ambassador program