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What Is Emerald Nodes(EM) ? Complete Guide Review About Emerald Nodes

What Is Emerald Nodes(EM) ?

Emerald Nodes Nodes intends to serve as a pillar supporting the large majority of the Avalanche (AVAX) network by incentivizing nodes through Nodes as a Service (NaaS). We aim to be the first truly sustainable NaaS protocol on the Avalanche network. As the daily number of smart contracts deployed on the Avalanche network grows at an exponential rate, the network will need to rapidly scale its sustainability in terms of its capacity for volume and traffic. Unfortunately, there is a high barrier of entry and little incentive to run an Avalanche Validator.

Emerald Nodes seeks to strengthen the backbone of the network, by adding rewards to running nodes and hosting validators for our investors making it more user and developer friendly. For now, Emerald nodes will only be available to run on the Avalanche network, though in the future Emerald nodes will exist on a large multitude of networks. Users will be able to set up a node in seconds with a few clicks of a button, and start yielding rewards immediately.

Emerald Nodes (EM)Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEmerald Nodes
Short Name(EM)
Circulating Supply100,000.00 EM
Total Supply500,000
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We enable our users to start earning passive income immediately by setting up a node on the Avalanche (AVAX) network with the few clicks of a button. Emerald Nodes intends to serve as a pillar supporting the large majority of the Avalanche (AVAX) network by incentivizing nodes through Nodes as a Service (NaaS). We aim to be the first truly sustainable NaaS protocol on the Avalanche network.

Facts and Definitions

  • EMERALD: A governance token
  • Name: Emerald Nodes
  • Symbol: EM
  • Emerald Token Contract Address:
  • Network: Avalanche
  • Decimals: 18
  • Original supply: 500,000
  • Circulating supply: 175,000
  • Supply allocation:
  • 50,000 for marketing, developers and the team
  • 25,000 allocated to angel investors
  • 100,000 circulating/Liquidity (50k at ICO)
  • 325,000 in the rewards pool
  • Contract address: 0x97E7044ab98B7891546485f5f66EDcc2F58be106
  • Token ICO on 2/1
  • 0.33 AVAX per token at ICO
  • Taxes: 2.5% buy tax that goes towards liquidity and a 2.5% sell tax that goes to the treasury.

Distribution of Node Cost/Contribution

  • 20% to node setup and maintenance fees and setup (one time payment)
  • 7.5% for future use
  • 7.5% put into treasury
  • 5% distributed to those who add to the AVAX-EMERALD Liquidity pool (not available at initial node launch)
  • 60% into node rewards pool
  • Distribution subject to change over time


As stated in the overview, Emerald nodes will have considerably lower fees than other node protocols that exist today. All transaction fees will be negligible (<1 USD, based on the current price of $AVAX as of January 24th, 2022), and there will be no monthly fees for nodes, nor will there be any additional fees to claim rewards beyond the minimal network fees.

Bonds and Treasury Information

$EMERALD will be creating bonds to help generate income and grow the treasury at a slow and controlled pace. Every time a bond is purchased a new token is minted and the profits are used to grow the treasury. The treasury consists of a large basket of digital assets. To prevent inflation we are limiting the number of bonds sold to 1% of the total supply per quarter. The value of the treasury will fluctuate more heavily as a result of a moving market and variations in asset prices. We plan to stake stablecoins and various other assets to maximize revenue while limiting the treasury risk exposure.

The treasury will be available 4–6 weeks after node launch

The backing per node is calculated as follows:

Treasury Balance/Total supply of nodes = Backing per Node (BPN)

At any point you may opt to sell your node to the treasury for the BPN and your node will be burned. This will give each node an intrinsic value that it can not fall below. This will help reduce the total number of nodes, increasing the available rewards for everyone who chooses to hold. This will help maintain sustainability even in a bear market.


As stated before, we will reward those who contribute to the AVAX-EMERALD liquidity pool. 5% of node cost will be redistributed to the contributors of the pool.


There are 250 whitelist spots, each member will receive a free random tier node (1–5) and have access to purchase 2 tier X nodes (each paying out 0.5 EMERALD per day).