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What Is Dragonballcoins? (DBC) Complete Guide Review About Dragonballcoins.

What Is Dragonballcoins?

Dragonballcoins Coin(DBC)is a revolutionary attempt in the GameFi field. It will be the first large-scale MMORPG blockchain game which use 3D engine on BSC. The game has been completed for nearly a month. After two rounds of testing, three updates were made based on player’s feedback.

The original purpose was to let players to earn money while enjoying the gaming experience like traditional online game, but they found that most people in the crypto world focus more on revenue and efficiency. So they made a major update to allow different players choose different gameplay options.

If you are a pure game lover who like to enjoy the process of finishing quests, training, strengthening equipment and PK, you only need a very low cost to begin the game. You can slowly accumulate tokens while enjoying the game process.

Dragonballcoins focuse more on earning money, you can directly upgrade to full level and have the full set of equipment by purchasing the game package. The tokens cost in the game package can be recouped in 2 days if you play all the time! They know that the game is a bit more complex than other Gamefi, so they made a ‘Play To Earn Tutorial’ video to make it easier for players to get started quickly.

Dragonballcoins Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDragonballcoins Coin
Short NameDBC
Circulating Supply
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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Here are some potential benefits, as well as features you may access by adopting the DBZ coin

Seamless Transfers

Adopting state-of-the-art and the latest blockchain technology, the Dragonballcoins Coin coin allows you to engage in seamless transfer with the deployment of smart contracts within a few seconds. This primary feature helps its users to gain access to target funds faster, thereby establishing a more robust monetary framework globally.


As mentioned in the introductory part of this review, DBZ use cases are not limited to precious stones and jewellery, it also serves as the core of some form of social access. This coin offers users access to comments, videos, premier posts, nightlife, etc. In essence, it aims to give users access to a range of functionalities not only via the Smart contract procedure, but also by offering guidance to the latest social media platforms, such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Payment and Authentication

Another use case attributed to the Dragonballcoins coin is in its potential to become a way for the verification and payments for authentic jewellery transactions as well as establish a standard practice for a more seamless and quicker remittance framework globally. As the platform walks its users towards obtaining the DBZ coin, it is also, in a way, introducing them to recent and unique approaches to interacting with the internet in a more valuable and entertaining approach.

Commitment to security

The source code attribute to the DBZ coin is publicly available. You can easily search the token address on BSCScan and examine the diverse security audits the project has gone through even before its genesis date. These audits are testaments to its commitment to security and compliance in the blockchain ecosystem. I believe as the project develops, and more people hodl the DBZ coin, more and more audits will be carried out accordingly.

Blockchain Technology

Dragonballcoins Coin implemented the P2P framework attributed to the distributed ledger in its operations and venture. With this architecture, you can diamond as speculation, while eliminating the prevalent issue of valuation and gemological the precious stone. As we know it, blockchain, as a form of the ledger, has to do with a lot of bookkeeping, which is one of the aspects where many businesses face issues. Built on Binance Smart Chain, DBZ adopts this blockchain to service its needs.