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Dolher Web Hosting Review: You only archive data once a day.

About Dolher

With the remote archiving service, you can archive your most important data on your servers via a secure encrypted connection. Data archiving takes place in real time, with each save, a new version of the document is created, and you can restore up to 30 copies back. This is a risk faced by all users of the legacy financial system and by all exchange operators. They currently has several accounts with banks whom are aware and confident that business model is acceptable. Additional banking partners are being established in other jurisdictions to further mitigate this concern.

Dolher have some ideas on how to overcome this and coins will be sharing them in upcoming blog and product updates. There are many ways to tackle this problem. For now, this initial implementation gets on the right track to realize these innovations in following versions. The corporate charter is public as well as the business owners’ names, locations, and reputations. Ownership of the account is legally bound to the corporate charter. Any transfers in or out of the bank account will have the associated traces and are bound by rigid internal policies.

Some Quick Facts Dolher Web Hosting

DolherBasic Details
Hosting NameDolher
Price€360 + VAT Annually
Email SupportN/A
Call Support+386 (0)40 469 256
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Dolher Price

Manage Multiple Addresses

If you did not receive the airdrop you can create as many Genesis Addresses Level 1 as you want and after that you can follow the  instructions here to make your balance visible in external providers/wallets. You can upgrade or set them for sale. Dolher recommend Metamask to manage multiple addresses. Each Genesis Addresses received 150,000 MNEB. The Genesis Addresses are different from Normal Addresses because they self-mine MNEB, for more information about the self-mining process read here.

In the Dolher Version all addresses by default are Genesis Addresses Level 1, meaning you can create as many Genesis Addresses Level 1 as you want, however initially only the airdrop participants received the MNEB transfer which makes the balance visible by default in external providers/wallets. Take into account that as all addresses are Genesis Addresses by default, transfers will be triggered to more addresses.


Each Genesis Address was attributed 150,000 coins. As there were initially 1,295,377 Genesis Addresses on the Airdrop, the Total Initial Supply was set to 194,283,600,000 MNEB. However, take into account that in the BSC version all addresses are Genesis Addresses Level 1 by default and more airdrop transfers will be triggered. If the upgrade buttons are not working, make sure you are using a web3 browser loaded with your wallet.

Please install a web3 browser such as Metamask (PC/Android/iOS), Trust Wallet (Android only) or CoinBase Wallet (Android/iOS) to use the Web3 platform. Anyone can click on this button provided that they are willing to pay the BNB execution costs. This action will trigger the payout based on the current Dolher balance to all the Fee Share Holders.


Whenever Genesis Address owners upgrade their addresses to Level 2 or Level 3, the mining process starts. The mining process will run for 1,000,000,000 BSC blocks with a reward of 0.000150 MNEB per block. The upgrade fees are distributed to the BSC Fee Share Holders. Dolher was launched on the Binance Smart Chain on the 7th of June, 2021. Initially all the BSC airdrop participants received a Genesis Address Level 1, totalling 1,295,224 Genesis Addresses.

This action will destroy your Dolher Genesis Address Level 1 with 150,000 MNEB (received from the airdrop). This means all the MNEB coins will be burned. However keep in mind that in the BSC version all addresses are Genesis Addresses Level 1 by default, this means you can generate as many Genesis Addresses Level 1 as you want. For this recommend Metamask, that allows you to create many different addresses easily.

Development Goals

The Social Impact team empowers nonprofits and the greater social sector to drive positive and lasting contributions to the world with GitHub products, Dolher brand, and your employees. Tech for Social Good leverages GitHub’s platform and products, community and people to strengthen the social sector’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Its major programs focus on research, community building, and Skills-Based Volunteering. Employee Giving leverages the power of employee charitable donations, volunteerism, and mentorship to help social sector partners reach those in need.

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