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What Is Dogs Token (DOGS)? Complete Guide Review About Dogs Token.

What Is Dogs Token (DOGS)?

Those who get into the presale will receive a Presale token (pREV) which will be exchangeable on the website for the L1 native token (REV) immediately after liquidity is added. There will then be a 30 minute grace period that allows investors to get into the pools and farms before the reward emissions start. All farms/pools, excluding native farms/pools and DRIP/BUSD farm, have a deposit fee. Dogs Token deposit fees will be allocated to buy backs (30%), marketing (30%), developing (30%) and platform expenses (10%). All funds added to the L1 farm, which can be staked on pancakeswap to add additional yield on the back end, will be staked on pancakeswap. This additional yield the platform can generate will be used for buybacks (30%), marketing (30%), development (30%) and platform costs (10%).

The Manor Farm developers understand the importance of marketing and this will be at the forefront of your minds. Being able to pull yield from multiple capital streams allows to explore a greater variance of promotional opportunities. All funds added to the L1 farm, which can be staked on pancakeswap to add additional yield on the back end, will be staked on pancakeswap. Dogs Token additional yield the platform can generate will be used for buybacks (30%), marketing (30%), development (30%) and platform costs (10%).

Dogs Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDogs Token
Short NameDOGS
Circulating Supply672,608.83 DOGS
Total SupplyN/A
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The animals on Dogs Token always knew about the Garden just outside of the farm’s property but never got to utilize its rich soil until now. With the greener pastures brought on by the revolution, the animals decided to build a DRIP irrigation system and buy PLANTS for their garden in order to harvest SEEDS. The SEEDS can then be sold or planted to expand their garden and grow their food supplies exponentially. The DRIP/BUSD LP Garden Game produces 3% daily (1095% APR), according to the current mining efficiency rate. The harvest efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other animals buy PLANTS, harvest SEEDS and compound earnings.

The object of the game is to harvest SEEDS, sooner and more often than other animals. This in turn earns you more SEEDS to harvest faster. Buying more PLANTS using your daily SEEDS harvest will 3x your SEEDS within 30 days or less. Players in the Dogs Token community have been asking for a new contract which is “higher risk/ higher reward” than the Faucet contract found on Drip. Community / Faucet but still offers sustainability and interesting game theory. DRIP/BUSD LP Garden is more than just a fork of other less sustainable “miner” themed games which were popular in the space.


After the liquidity has been removed from L1 they will be hosting the L2 presale. Investors will be able to contribute the Dogs Token native farm token (REV) to the presale and BUSD will also be accepted for the L2 presale. Participants who contribute L1 REV tokens to the presale will earn a 20% bonus on their L2 tokens, meaning they will receive 20% more tokens per USD value than those who contribute BUSD to the presale. Those who accumulate REV tokens in L1 will secure themselves a major position in the ownership of the L2 farm, The Animal Farm.

Dogs Token mechanics of the platform, such as the high multipliers on the REV pools/farms, 0 tax on REV pools/farms, the ability to stake your REV to earn BUSD on the single asset pool, and the 20% bonus on the L2 presale for entering with REV tokens, there are heavy incentives to buy and hold the REV token for the whole length of the L1 revolution. Participating in the L2 presale will allow you to acquire both DOGS and PIGS.

Farm Mechanics

Both are innovative assets which balance each other perfectly and allow for a multitude of options for investors who want to take full advantage of the platform. Dogs Token can be earned in all farms and pools as it’s the primary farm reward token. PIGS can be farmed exclusively in the DOGS/BNB, DOGS/BUSD and DRIP/BUSD staking contracts, as well as the DOGS single asset staking pool. Restricting PIGS rewards to these 4 options limits the supply of PIGS tokens and also creates demand for staking DOGS and adding liquidity to DOGS.

Instead of dumping DOGS on the market, farmers can stake DOGS to earn a greater share of the platform through utilizing their PIGS rewards. Dogs Token strategic partnership with Drip.Community allows farmers to stake DRIP/BUSD on Layer 2 to earn PIGS, creating a new exclusive use case and new demand for DRIP while removing DRIP from circulation.

Deposit Fees

L2 will have deposit fees similar to L1, however they will be distributed slightly differently due to your introduction of the PIGS governance pool. This allows for decentralized ownership of the farm. On L2 75% of the deposit fees will be converted to BUSD and used as rewards for PIGS single asset staking. 15% of the deposit fees will be allocated for marketing, and 10% will be allocated to platform fees. Just as in L1, we will not leave Dogs Token capital in contracts stagnant. L2 will also utilize all available funds through staking them on PancakeSwap to earn additional yield that can be used for buybacks (30%), marketing (30%), development (30%) and platform costs (10%).

Dogs Token will have a lot more funds to add buy pressure, pay for high end marketing and continue to build features. The dev team understands the importance of marketing and have made it a primary focus. Animal Farm has unique functions, such as dynamic emissions allowing for decentralized supply control, which give a first mover advantage exploiting these mechanics in the market.

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