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What Is DexKit (KIT)? Complete Guide Review About DexKit.

What Is DexKit (KIT)?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about, in technical and pedagogical ways for your ease. Learn how DexKit built your products, how to use each one and get the most out of all tools that made for you. Crypto and NFT passionate since 2020, proudly Florida Gators fan, married and father of one son, Timothy attended college for Culinary Management and time after gaining enough experience in business management, he explored towards his vocation of service finding a place in the tech field. He served as the Account Manager for a Fortune 250 company and he have customer service running their his veins.

DexKit Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDexKit
Short NameKIT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply10,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Democratize access to advanced decentralized finance tools, providing resources for users to easily learn about cryptocurrencies, build and expand their crypto projects. PhD in Electrical Engineering, former university professor and Full Stack developer with an impeccable educational and work history. He regularly collaborates with the powerful 0x project and this has earned him the respect of the web3 developer community. João currently resides in Brazil, where he legally registered the startup.


Consolidate DexKit brand on the global stage as a reference in the use of decentralized finance technologies applied to people and businesses. They seek to transform the complexity of cryptocurrencies into features that are easy to use and understand for everyone. Venezuelan Attorney and Computer Technician with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

He works as Consultant and Writer, creating content for the project. DexKit has experience advising small startups in his region, Canada and Panama. He currently works remotely, full time, focused on helping João position DexKit among the most popular startups in the Hispanic crypto ecosystem.


DexKit systems must guarantee security for users and that security results from trust in the technologies they adopt. They work so that people and businesses fully own their financial resources, without intermediaries. They build with the newest and best tools in decentralized finance technologies and cryptocurrencies. They want your tools to be accessible to everyone. They are attentive to what may enter the market as a novelty and want to be pioneers developing innovative solutions.


Farmers are welcome on DexKit! They build tailored contracts for farming your token with KIT and stable coins to provide liquidity. In order to receive the correct guide, users and projects wanting to deploy farms needs to go to Contact section on DexKit’s website and send an email to the developer. Answer will be fast (no more than 12 hours).


KIT holders will be able to propose and vote for ideas and solutions that are consistent with the goals of your project which are mass adoption, compatibility with all devices with a .js browser and educate users regarding trading with your games on the web blockchain.

The minimum amount of savings in KIT to participate on Snapshot governance is one thousand (1,000) tokens on any of KIT supported network. Holders with governance power also can enter on this Discord private channel on DexKit official server and propose ideas and mechanism for voting consensus.

Creating a wallet

This is a very practical feature that allows basically any user to create a ERC-20 wallet without downloading any extra mobile app, or giving sensitive information. This interface can be opened from any Chromium web browser, maximizing compatibility with any device screen. The first step that users need to follow in order to create a new wallet is navigating to DexKit DeFi dashboard.

The platform allows the user to create an ERC-20 wallet by providing an email address or using the credentials of other services such as Discord, Twitter or Google. This wallet creation service is provided by Magic and they provide valuable documentation in their docs repo.


DexKit Roadmap
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