Deliq Finance Ico Review: Liquidity Outsourcing Service for Avalanche Ecosystem

Deliq Finance Ico Review: Liquidity Outsourcing Service for Avalanche Ecosystem

About Deliq Finance

Deliq Finance is a protocol to decentralize liquidity provisioning by creating a liquidity infrastructure layer. It enables protocol owned liquidity on Avalanche ecosystem by providing a sustainable , capital efficient and transparent solution to bootstrapping liquidity. It aims to replace current ways of bootstrapping liquidity like Liquidity Mining by a Liquidity-by-Staking model. DLQ token use case : 1) Tokenized Liquidity 2) Impermanent loss mitigation 3) Staking

Deliq Finance Ico are a team of builders enabling easy onboarding of next-generation defi applications by helping them outsource their liquidity needs to Deliq and thereby creating a self-sustaining layer of liquidity.

Deliq Finance Ico is the Liquidity infrastructure layer of the DeFi ecosystem in addition to the Value layer called blockchains and Oracle layer . Liquidity- by- Staking model is a paradigm shift in liquidity bootstrapping that enables healthy liquidity as well as a new revenue generation stream for protocols.

Deliq Finance Ico Key Information

Token NameDeliq Finance
Token TypeDLQ
Token For Sale2,666,667 DLQ
Ico Price$0.150000
Fundraising Goal$400,000
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Liquidity Outsourcing Service for Avalanche Ecosystem

A protocol to decentralize liquidity provisioning to AMMs like Trader Joe , Pangolin etc and thus allow frictionless flow of liquidity to the Avalanche and other high speed blockchain ecosystems.

Tokenized Liquidity for the Decentralized Future

Deliq Finance with it’s Liquidity by Staking (LBS) model allows protocols to bootstrap liquidity without centralized market makers and capital inefficient liquidity mining.

What Is Our Focus?

Avalanche ecosystem

Creating healthy liquidity markets on Avalanche by introducing a new liquidity bootstrapping solution for decentralized protocols

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Enabling sustainable liquidity in a capital efficient way for the future of finance by removing centralized entities


Powering deep liquidity to exchanges like trader joe , pangolin to enable near zero slippage trades

Why Deliq Finance?

New gen DeFi protocols face a major roadblock of attracting liquidity to the protocols for easy user adoption and better trades . Usually protocols adopt liquidity mining to incentivize users . This a capital inefficient way to get liquidity and is often just a temporary solution to the liquidity problem .

Deliq Finance Ico with it’s Liquidity by staking (LBS) model is a paradigm shift in liquidity bootstrapping for protocols . They change the way how Liquidity provisioning works and replace the centralized resources like capital and trading strategies of market makers with Liquidity Providers and Liquidity Directors.

New DeFi Protocols

They can bootstrap liquidity in a capital efficient way without providing LM incentives and generate deep liquidity markets from the very beginning. These protocols can outsource their liquidity needs to Deliq just by spinning up their own token pool.


Exchanges like Trader Joe & Pangolin can utilize the extensive liquidity provided by Deliq Finance Ico to increase their market depth and provide near zero slippage trades to their users. Various pairs on exchanges has high slippage due to low liquidity in the pools , They will allow liquidity to flow into such pairs if the community is confident about projects.

Liquidity Directors

Liquidity Directors are the entities that stake DLQ token into the token pool to direct liquidity to the exchanges.he liquidity in the pools can be deployed to various exchanges and in variable percentages based on the strategies the LDs decide. Market makers , DAOs , VCs etc can direct liquidity by staking DLQ token into pool.

Deliq Liquidity Pools (DLPs)

There exists three types of pools in the Deliq ecosystem :

  • Basic pools
  • General pools

Each pool has it’s own specific use case , assets , risk profile , reward profile etc.

Basic Pools

These pools only contain assets like AVAX/USDC initially other assets can be added by DeliqDAO . Assets of these pools are used to couple with assets of General , Special pools and then directed to exchanges . Other Stablecoins can be added by DLQ holders.

General pools

These pools comprise of almost all assets like Joe token , PNG token etc . The liquidity of these pools are directed to Trader Joe , Pangolin etc and are prone to impermanent loss from price changes in the assets.These pools are recommended for users who can tolerate high risk . These pools usually have less rewards ( as IL risk is mitigated by PCA).