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What Is Defiskeletons (SKELETON) ? Complete Guide Review About Defiskeletons

What Is Defiskeletons (SKELETON) ?

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Defiskeletons (SKELETON) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDefiskeletons
Short Name(SKELETON)
Circulating Supply1,000,000.00 SKELETON
Max Supply1,000,000
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Explaining Tokenomics the top holder wallets explanation

Defiskeletons the staking platform has it’s own liqudity pool which contains skeleton tokens. this is a big holder wallet. address: 0xeaecdd0ee98e4ebdb64e6c5537052558769fa574 the other big wallet is the staked token by the holders together. address: 0xc546426c39a9a6e60c5ac1f2475612a75f941577 use tokenomics to estabilish token liqudity and generate funds for marketing and future development project.

Safe & Secure

Defiskeletons Anyone who wants to hire your skills needs to pay you. And the whole process is controlled by automatic contracts!


Defiskeletons Payments to you will be made twice. When starting work and completing work.


Defiskeletons All the time you will have constant communication with your employer.

Instant Exchange

Defiskeletons Payments to you will be made in LibreF Tokens! The first payment is fixed regardless of the complexity and the theme: 5000 LibreF!

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