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What Is DeepBlueSea (DBEA) ?Complete Guide Review About DeepBlueSea

What Is DeepBlueSea (DBEA) ?

DeepBlueSea (DBEA) have a powerful team for game development and production. It consists of many experienced game developers, programmers, art designers, and certified smart-contract developers throughout the world. The also have an operation team including professionals engaged in blockchain, decentralized finance (DEFI), and other industries.

DeepBlueSea (DBEA) With the participation of financial experts and early investors of digital currency, projects maintain steady development and well fit the characteristics of the gaming industry. They expect the participation of practitioners and those who are interested in the industries such as game development, game promotion, metaverse, and blockchain in the subsequent development of the projects. They are a decentralized team that is open to talents. Customers can expect long-term and sustainably operating technical support and guarantee from us.

DeepBlueSea (DBEA)Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name DeepBlueSea
Short Name(DBEA)
Circulating Supply250,000,000.00 DBEA
Max Supply250,000,000
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Vision & Mission

DeepBlueSea sea is a naval GameFi of SLG theme. The game mode is combined with play to earn and which is deployed in the Binance Smart Chain. Deep Blue Sea aims to bring something new to BSC. Thanks to the play-to-earn mechanism, more sources of income will be available for players rather than the boring “farm” alone. They will be free to choose their favorite multiplayer battlefield and gain more benefits by NFTs matching and technology.

DeepBlueSea Sea has 90+ warships and 150+ kinds of officer operator equipment, all of which have unique attributes. The matching is ever-changing when the warships and equipment are matched with ships of different types and force levels. New ships and officer will be developed later. Player’ independent construction of ships, naval battle map DIY and other functions will be launched consecutively. The distinctive economic system can enable infinite circulation of a strict amount of tokens and maximize the protection of the ecological health of the game.

Win To Earn

DeepBlueSea Battle adopts the multiplayer chess playing method, which is inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic. Due to the number of early players, time zone and other reasons, the early open playing method adopts the round playing method. With the increase of the number of players, it will gradually open the real-time playing method, large map battlefield and other contents Players must pay tokens before they can participate in battle. After battle, players can get NFTs rewards, and winners can get additional bonuses and high-quality card rewards.


DeepBlueSea The marketplace is divided into three modules: marketplace, inventor and history The inventor module is used to store NFTs from purchase transactions in the player marketplace And the NFTs issued by the purchase of the mystery box (after the mystery box is purchased into the wallet, it will be automatically generated as NFTs, saving players the gas fee to open the mystery box) In inventor, players can view the details of NFTs and sell them. The selling price is determined by the players themselves (using DBEA as the default token) NFTs in the state of sale will enter the marketplace, and NFTs in the state of listing cannot play games All NFTs on sale will be displayed in the marketplace.

Tech Development & Decomposition

DeepBlueSea The main function of R & D is to produce NFTs and reuse NFTs Casting module: Players can consume 70 tokens and cast a copper quality warship NFTs in a week. The casting module is the transition function before battle is completed. After battle function goes online, the casting module will be removed from the shelf. Before removal, the casting function will be closed and the receiving function will be retained until players receive the cast.