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What Is D3 Protocol (DEFI)? Complete Guide Review About D3 Protocol.

What Is D3 Protocol (DEFI)?

D3 Protocol is brought to you by the team at 4dot. 4dot offers a full suite of DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) products. Your mission is to offer simple, affordable and secure access to DeFi for all. Full service DeFi made easy. D3 Protocol is a Staking-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering. Earn from an auto-investing and auto-compounding treasury. Cross Chain Farming (CCF) is a DeFi 3.0 Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) protocol. Earn via a protocol managed yield farming treasury. DEFI is a decentralized DeFi 3.0 index built with with a revolutionary tokenomics layer and automated yield algorithm. DEFI is designed to generate sustainable yields for DEFI stakers via treasury exposure to yield bearing DeFi 3.0 assets. Buy or mint, stake, and earn sustainable passive income through ownership of the DEFI token.

On the following pages you will find an FAQ, quickstart guides, and useful links that will help those of you whom want to interact with the D3 Protocol. D3 Protocol recommend you work your way through all of the documentation in order to fully familiarize yourself with the rationale, features, and benefits of D3 Protocol. None of the information provided constitutes financial and/or investment advice, it is purely informational. Each individual should carry out their own risk assessment and make their own investment decisions within the limits of what they can afford to lose. Please read through all the documentation before making any investment decisions.

D3 Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameD3 Protocol
Short NameDEFI
Circulating Supply26,580.00 DEFI
Total Supply26,580
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Why do need the D3 Protocol?

Dollar-pegged stablecoins are an integral part of the crypto ecosystem. However, the problem is they are pegged to the dollar, and therefore suffer from the same problems as real world dollars. The value of the dollar is controlled by the centralized U.S. Government and their Federal Reserve. The dollar is suffering from an inflation problem. A lot of dollars are being printed, which in turn depreciates the value of the dollar (and any pegged stablecoins). To be truly decentralized and independent, DeFi 3.0 needs an index that is not attached to the dollar. This is the problem D3 Protocol was designed to address.

What makes D3 Protocol unique?

The original innovation behind OHM and some of the forks were great, but they are not without their deficiencies; such as the lack of a clear use case, inefficient treasury management, and excessive inflation. D3 Protocol was designed to address these shortcomings and provide a long-term sustainable solution and as such, become the decentralized DeFi 3.0 index.

Protocol is on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), offering low fees so everyone can participate. Protocol added your tokenomics and APY halving algorithm to make your model far more sustainable than other OHM forks. They are integrating with the entire DeFi 3.0 ecosystem, auto-acquiring a basket of yield bearing DeFi 3.0 assets into the treasury, immediately generating returns for the treasury and offering DEFI stakers exposure to a DeFi 3.0 index through staking DEFI.

D3 Protocol and CCF are a linked set of products under the 4dot brand. 4dot’s mission is to offer a full suite of decentralized finance options akin to those you would find in traditional finance, but with the backbone of decentralization. CCF allows users to earn via a protocol managed yield farming treasury and Protocol is the underlying index that supports the eco-system. Users are able to “bank” their profits to generate sustainable returns via Protocol. This offers a full suite of secure services for users to buy, hold, and earn optimized returns. Initially Protocol will auto-buy CCF tokens as part of the taxation protocol, using those tokens as a treasury asset to back DEFI, and receiving reflections and farming dividends via this ownership of the CCF token.

Could D3 Protocol dump on CCF holders?

D3 Protocol will use CCF as a treasury asset to back the price of DEFI, selling CCF would put both protocols at a disadvantage. Protocol will also receive reflections on CCF tokens from CCF buys and sells, and dividends on CCF farming profits, making it advantageous for Protocol to hold and compound CCF. In addition, most are attracted to the idea of Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) returns, but not willing to wait to accrue and compound the benefits; they just want to see token price go up exponentially. Protocol will diamond hand and lock CCF in the treasury, effectively taking tradable CCF tokens out of supply, creating a supply shock, and increasing buying pressure and the price floor on CCF.

Protocol will be the ultimate diamond hand whale partner for CCF, taking tokens out of supply, and benefitting in the process. The same will apply to any token that Protocol offers mints against, or acquires. Win-win for all. This is game theory of the highest order, inextricably linking Protocol to all assets it acquires.

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