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Cyberium Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam?

About Cyberium

They know how boring and un-engaging Play-To-Earn games have become. The fact that click-to-earn currently accounts for more than 90% of the Gamefi market is absurd in our books, hence we feel that Cyberium will be a great choice for users looking for a better gaming experience on blockchain.

Cyberium Ico is the first of its kind project, labelled GameFi 2.0, where the diminishing Play TO Earn trend switches to the new and more user focused Play AND Earn. Cyberium focuses on actual gameplay and user experience, allowing players to earn an income while operating in an anti-inflationary, dual token economic model.

E-Sports has cultivated a huge following across the globe, and its integration into the current GameFi industry was just a matter of time. In this crossover, players who capitalize on refining their skills in the games will be the ones who can generate a solid income over a long period of time.

PanKUKU Ico Key Information

Token NameCyberium
Utility tokenBEP-20
Token For SaleN/A
Airdrop StartJul 31, 2022 – Aug 1, 2022
Total Supply5%
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

It’s the PREMIER E-Sports Metaverse!

Cyberium is a Metaverse (under construction) with 7 different cities, each of which will host its own E-Sport game, allowing users to SEAMLESSLY switch from one game to another by simply walking through the metaverse.

Currently the team has launched its first city and game: Vortera and 8 Ball Pool. Other cities and game concepts have been created, and will be launched step by step ensuring the continuation of the project into the foreseeable future.

The project sets itself apart from the rest by having:

  • Premium graphics and extensive gameplay control abilities;
  • Dual token, anti-inflationary economy;
  • Fair gameplay: game progression depends on in-game skill.


Cyberium Ico aim is to bring to the market a product that is unmatched in user experience and quality, so community can enjoy a truly unparalleled gaming experience on blockchain. They are the first to market with this concept (GameFi 2.0, or ‘Play AND Earn’), as we currently have no direct competitors running a simulation 8 ball pool game based on blockchain.


To bring to market a product that is unmatched in terms of user experience and quality, so our community can enjoy a truly unparalleled gaming and earning experience on blockchain.


To create a new trend in the GameFi industry by making products and services that focus on providing a high quality user experience, and seamlessly integrating these with blockchain technology and its future iterations.

Dual Token Economy

$ESPN – Governance Token

$ESPN (E-Sport Nation) is the main currency of Cyberium Ico, which is used mainly as a governance token, and rarely used as rewards for in-game activities.

Token Utility and Staking

$ESPN (ESPORTS NATION) is a BEP-20 utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain that serves as the basis for transactions within Cyberium, and has the following uses:

  • Staking: ESPN holders can stake their tokens for passive incomes or valuable items in.
  • Governance: ESPN allows holders to participate in Governance decisions.
  • Payment: Champions spend ESPN in order to acquire assets, equipment, avatars, lands, or upgrade their collections.

In Cyberium Ico , Champions can earn ESPN by participating in P2E activities: Sports Tournaments, Championships, Campaign Mode.

The Platform

In Cyberium, goal is to provide an open platform where developers can develop & interact with our users instantly. By providing tools & support to game studios, regardless of their size, they are confident that they can bring a lot of games/activities & enrich user experience into Metaverse in a short period of time.

We’re focusing on a few key aspects in the process of crafting our system:

  • User-centric
  • Interoperable
  • Extensible


They are determined to achieve maximum security for all that we do at Cyberium. This means that they aim to be completely transparent in actions, and they work together with the well recognised names to vet smart contracts.

Besides official auditor, they invite all of our community members to start digging in contracts in a search for vulnerabilities through bug bounty program. They find security one of the most important factors differentiate with others. Therefore anyone that finds serious vulnerabilities will be rewarded graciously. The details of this program will be published here when it’s available.

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