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Cyberfolks Web Hosting Review: Enter the search domain or keywords.

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About Cyberfolks

If promotional prices are indicated on the website, they are valid for the first selected billing period, unless otherwise stated. Optional renewals in subsequent periods are available at regular prices. To take advantage of the promotion, Cyberfolks suggest choosing the annual billing period to the greatest extent. According to, just 2 seconds of delay in opening a website can lead to the loss of up to half of the conversion. Thanks to the quick operation of websites based on dedicated solutions for WordPress and PrestaShop, you can achieve up to 100% more conversion. Google prefers fast sites! As of July 2018, page loading speed has become a ranking factor in search results.

And the higher the positions on Google, the more potential customers will visit your site. Cyberfolks are obsessed with customer service. This is why constantly monitor parameters such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), which tests the tendency to recommend your brand, and FTR (First Time Resolution) – examining the average time that elapses from contact to solution. They are proud to share the information that the median FTR for the last month is only 6 minutes 26 seconds.

Some Quick Facts Cyberfolks Web Hosting

CyberfolksBasic Details
Hosting NameCyberfolks
Email SupportN/A
Call Support7822622168
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Copies of pages up to 28 days back

By choosing your hosting you are using one of the best backup solutions. The site backup is performed every day and you can recover it up to 28 days back, and in some cases the databases are backed up every 6 hours. In stress tests, your WordPress hosting scores up to 67x better than classic hosting based on the same PHP version. The solution is based on NVMe disks, processors with 48 threads and technologies such as DNS Anycast, HTTP / 2, REDIS and LS Cache, thanks to which the speed of opening the website increases. Most of your clients come from other hosting companies. Changing your operator to can be easy and fast for you too: they will transfer your pages and e-mail to your servers free of charge.

Homographic Attack

Brand security and protection is another cyber_Folks tool that will allow you to check whether the domain selected by the client can be used for various forms of attacks, such as typosquatting, cybersquatting or a homographic attack. Cyberfolks will allow the client to choose the one that is the least susceptible to such attacks at the stage of selecting the domain. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a developer to speed up your website.

All you need to do is choose a hosting that will have the right tools (…) Cyber_Boost is a package that gathers all these technological solutions in one. You have to remember that hosting companies don’t keep backups indefinitely. It would be too expensive. It is assumed that they store data from the last two days, but in my opinion it is definitely too short. The longer the data is stored (e.g. in cyber_Folks hosting it is 28 days back), the greater the chance that it will be possible to use it when we actually notice a problem.

Regulations and specifications

Some PDF materials may require free Acrobat Reader software. Cyberfolks can download this software for free from the manufacturer’s website here. Some of the materials in the presentation version may require Flash support installed in the web browser. Regulations constitute an integral part of contracts. Upgrade to Fast Ecommerce Hosting. The cyber_BoostTM technology package makes the store fast and efficient, and the short loading time means more conversions. Go ahead and click, run any of the packages and use it for 2 weeks for free. You will receive a proforma, which you will pay only when you are fully convinced that this fast hosting forPrestaShop met all your expectations and turned out to be clearly better than other solutions.

Technological Partner

Cyberfolks packages for PrestaShop hosting optimize images, organize the database and settings. Although older stores with many entries in the database can gain the most, even on a fresh installation of Prestashop they have recorded huge accelerations. While working on this hosting and the cyber Boost function, they took into account the opinions of nearly 300 users and developers working on the Prestashop engine. They are the first and only Polish hosting company with the official status of a PrestaShop technological partner in the area of ​​hosting. This means that work closely with the developers of this software to consistently provide the best possible PrestaShop experience from a server perspective.

Servers with 48-thread processors, arrays based on SSD NVMe disks and an environment optimized especially for PrestaShop. What else can be done to make it faster? Together with nearly 300 developers, they examined thousands of lines of code, examined hundreds of settings and analyzed over 500 websites. All this to make your store even faster! This is how your proprietary cyber_BoostTM module was created, which allows you to handle up to 17 times more traffic and even 8 times shorten the loading time of your Presta.

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