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What Is Crypto Water (C2O)? Complete Guide Review About Crypto Water.

What Is Crypto Water (C2O)?

The project enables a more precise identification of the geographical location of the water source and the quality of this at different hydro logical situations. Crypto Water approach is promising as it builds on the existing standardized labelling approaches adding information of a more precise location of the water source and its quality to users. This is important for the effective control of the water source and responsible behavior in the river basin.

Crypto Water Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCrypto Water
Short NameC2O
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply163,691
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Water Facts

Almost all of Crypto Water have had the unpleasant experience of taking a sip from a plastic or metal bottle and tasting something that definitely wasn’t water. Sometimes it’s as harmless as the residual taste from the container holding something other than water. However, the presence of harmful chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) can be hazardous for human consumption. Glass containers won’t leach chemicals, nor will they absorb the residual odors or tastes of other beverages.

Glass bottles are easy to keep clean and won’t lose their clarity from being washed or infused with fruit and herb blends, as plastics commonly do. They can be sterilized at a high heat in the dishwasher without the worry that they’ll melt or degrade. Potential toxins are eliminated while upholding the structure and integrity of the glass bottle. Crypto Water is bound to be always filled in glass and never in a plastic bottles.

Crypto Water

Crypto Water is a sustainable water transparency startup project backed by blockchain timestamps. The idea was born in 2017. MVP was released and showcased in march 10th, 2018. Project gained recognition in 2019 and was awarded an international award “Responsible towards water” on the annual Bled Water festival held in Bled, Slovenia. Founder is now taking the MVP into a fully functional product in a form of micro scale water bottling facility.

Every bottle will be hashed/timestamped on the blockchain on time of filling. On the label you will have proof of time. Water quality at the time of bottling can be checked in the APP. Time stamp will be written on a blockchain. Every bottle can hold a certain amount of crypto currency. You will have option to choose which cryptocurrency will be added to the bottle sticker. 


However, if you really like Crypto Water but you don’t have any crypto yet, you can easily start an account with an exchange that has “fiat on-ramps” (an exchange where you can deposit regular cash), buy crypto there, and then transfer it from such exchange to this exchange. Something like ATAIX or others. They have taken a more different approach.

Crypto Water page contains a list cryptocurrency wallets that are created for support and donations. If a generous supporter sends a donation, they convert the donation into USDT and purchase C2O on the market at ico/ieo price of 1,18 $USDT.  Purchased C2O tokens from donations are stored on a dedicated wallet and will used for future airdrops and giveaways.

Minimal viable product

At Crypto Water are raising only what is needed to take the project beyond the MVP (minimal viable product) and not a penny more. The project at this stage does not require renting/buying office space and office gear or having full time staff on a monthly payroll or any such associated costs and we are raising only what is needed to build the infrastructure and framework.

Sadly when looking back to 2017, many project have raised millions of $ to develop an app and yet many of those startups are today long gone and Crypto Water even want to think about what happened to all those funds. Most likely it was used for personal expenses and luxury. The Defi phenomenon is actually becoming much worse as investors are throwing money into audited computer code and its no secret what happens in such cases.

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