About Crypcade Ico

Crypcade Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam?

About Crypcade Ico

Crypcade Ico is an economically sustainable Gaming/ Entertainment ecosystem, integrating skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling. The ensures to use cutting edge of blockchain gaming technology to introduce external users and facilitate current users to allow easy interaction between UI and user for a seamless, enjoyable experience on the CrypCade Entertainment Systems.

CrypArcade and CrypCasino run on 2 very different principles, one catering to the skilled gamers, one to the high-risk igamers. Gamers should be aware of the possible financial risk that comes with igaming and use CrypCasino with utmost care. Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in luck-based games.

Users should keep in mind the gambling law of their country and respect it accordingly. CrypCade and its subsidiaries are not responsible for violations of any local laws related to igaming and similar activities.

Crypcade Ico Key Information

Token NameCrypcade Ico
Token TypeiCADE
Token For Sale7,500,000 iCADE
Ico Price$0.040000
Fundraising Goal$300,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Cade Shop

Each box contains the equivalent in CADE of the box price, minus a house fee of 5%. Boxes may contain surprize mining bonuses ranging between 1.1x-5x which apply for 24h after receiving the bonus prize or until the maximum limit of 1000000 CADE has been reached, but no more than 24h.

My Cade Token

By placing bets in TRX, CADE tokens are automatically generated (mined). You can “freeze” those CADE tokens in order to receive dividends. Dividends can be claimed in 14 days upon receiving them. After 14 days have passed, they expire and you will not be able to claim them anymore. Expiry date is calculated for each dividend individually.

The EcoSystem

Crypcade Ico is an Entertainment Ecosystem designed to benefit both user and the platform.  By making a deposit and playing games on, users mine CADE tokens that can be claimed and will be sent to user’s Tron wallet automatically upon claiming. 

Users can freeze CADE tokens in order to gain dividends from the dividend pool. The dividend pool increases with player’s losses on in-house games A percentage of partners’ games losses also feed into the pool. Wins are credited from the dividend pool.

Dividends are automatically distributed daily to all frozen tokens, every night at 0:00GMT and are credited to users’ wallets upon redeem. Dividends have an expiration period that is mentioned in the Dividends page. Failing to redeem the dividend during this period will result in loss of this dividend. 

Dividend distribution:

  • 15% – users
  • 5% – team
  • 5% – reserve
  • 75% – rolls over to the next day’s dividends

Players are able to play with the redeemed dividends if so decided and mine more CADE in the process, or withdraw them to the external Tron wallet and end the cycle. 

The Crypcade Platform

Crypcade Ico is a new age hybrid i-gaming platform. Based on Tron blockchain with a combination of traditional igaming practices, they provide a unique gaming experience for users. Founded by blockchain enthusiasts and igaming industry professionals They usets off a completely new level of the i-gaming process.

The platform exists on transparency and fairness ideology. They believe that in time of digitalization and Web 3.0 technologies there is no place for the outdated igaming industry. They are focused on the transformation of online gaming and blockchain development in general. Implementation of blockchain in real use cases is mission and we present realization here on CrypCade.

How to Login

No need to register and share any personal information. They are using an easy login system. Just install TronLink wallet extension for easy access to Crypcade Ico . Authorization is automatic, no more emails and passwords. Privacy and transparency are the main opportunities for blockchain i-gaming.

How To Make Deposit

To start playing you should first make a deposit. It’s instant and usually takes less than 2 minutes, depending on blockchain network. Click ‘Deposit’ in the header menu. Insert the preferred amount and confirm the deposit. Make sure to aprove it from the Tronlink pop-up as well, in case the wallet requests so. The funds will be reflected in your Game Balance once the deposit is confirmed.

How to Withdraw

Withdrawals on Crypcade Ico are instant and automatic. All you need to do is to click ‘Withdraw’ in the header menu, enter the preferred amount and confirm it. Based on Blockchain, withdrawals usually take less than 1 minute (the time depends on blockchain networks). The funds from Game Balance will be transferred to your Tron wallet.

Every user is allowed to withdraw 5 times per day.

The platform has a daily withdrawal limit. If the limit has been reached, kindly wait until the limit is reset.