Wallet Review: A Trusted Platform for Trading Bitcoins Wallet Review: A Trusted Platform for Trading Bitcoins

About Holdings Co. company begins its history from the 26th of July, 2012, when it was developed and registered by our founder – Logan Hilton and his team. The company has come a long way from a simple exchange platform to a complex mechanism, which works smoothly. They have changed the perception of many people about cryptocurrency and its use.

Conicoin Wallet introduced lots of interesting and useful technologies, which are helping us to protect your funds, and helping you to invest your funds with maximum benefit. World’s first we created system, which helps you to buy, sell, transfer your funds inside exchange in few seconds, you don’t need to wait blockchain confirmation any more. In Exchange your funds This one, and lots of another features makes trading in CONI Holdings Co. Exchange very comfortable, useful and profitable.

After making a deposit, your funds constantly are stored on the permanent wallet, no matter what manipulations you do with them. They are assigned to you in the internal system of our site, so you shouldn’t pay a commission on the blockchain network during transfer, trading and other transactions. are interested in cryptocurrencies and they believe they will change the world and become the main currency in the future. They believe that cryptocurrencies will continue to grow and develop tirelessly, so they offer to invest in them right now, because even a very small investment changes the world.

Infinito Wallet Wallet Points Table

Wallet NameInfinito Wallet
Wallet TypeOnline Mobile Wallet
Easy To UseEasy
Currency SupportedETH, ERC20 Tokens
Zero Fee0% Fee
Pin Code ProtectedYes
Frequency Of UpdateOnce In A Month
Trust Score8/10
Official LinkClick Here

How To Install & Send/Receive Coin

How To Download Conicoin Wallet

Download Wallet From App Store Of Your Choice . The Wallet Available For Android & IOS Device .

How To Setup Wallet

It Is Very Easy To Setup . Click On Start Button . After Brief Information  You’ll Be Prompted To Create A Custom PIN Code .After That You Will Get Paper Key Fill It And Save This Key On Safe Place . You Are Done .

How To Send Coin From Conicoin Wallet

Click On Coin Icon Which You Want To Send . Than You Redirect To Transfer Page . Just Fill Receiver Address & Fill Amount Which You Want To Send . And Click On Confirm Button . You Are Done .

How To Receive Coin In Conicoin Wallet

Click On Coin Icon Which You Want To Receive , Than Click On Receive Button , You Will See Your Coin Address Copy It And Share With Payer That It

Infinito Wallet

Why is it necessary to invest in such currencies?

  • This excludes banks from the money exchange chain between stores and users, which significantly reduces the percentage of fees.
  • Cryptocurrencies are anonymous, it is need, because when you are living in the 21st century, nobody can guarantee you 100% privacy. Your phone, your camera on your laptop, your speakers – all of this takes away from you your privacy, despite only you are owner of this information! In financial world only cryptocurrencies, thanks to their unique technology, can provide you anonymity and privacy.
  • It’s easy! By us, buying and selling cryptocurrencies has become much easier, which simplifies the work.
  • It’s profitable! Many people have earned lots of money in trading! Just become a part of these people!

Why Choose Conicoin Wallet


Conicoin Wallet have been working since 2017 and during this period our system has never been hacked by intruders! All passwords, account data and user’s personal data is protected by Comodo Protect™ and provides the highest degree of security in this industry! 


They care about your safe and security of your assets, so they developed the GhLwork protection system, which provides holistic protection for your assets. They transmit all data with safe httpS:// protocol, and nobody can get access to your account, because of using Two-Factor-Authentification.

24h support

Conicoin Wallet make use of the site as comfortable as possible, as they can for they customers, they hired a support group – these are specially trained people who will answer any question! The website support team works round-the-clock, 7 days a week to answer any your questions! To write to support just click on the widget at the bottom of the site!


We’ve eliminated all the factors that could interfere with the system. They are working since 2017 and during this time they have repeatedly confirmed the competence in the market of cryptocurrencies!

Secured Deal

It is perfect way to make a deal with minimal risk. You can buy and sell any goods with maximal safety, because your funds is protected by our rules.


CONICOIN.IO is a trusted platform for trading Bitcoins. The exchange provides fast order execution, low spread, and access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Cross-platform trading is realised via website, mobile app, and several API solutions. Safety of assets and data are backed by high security standards and advanced legal compliance.