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What Is Clam Island (GEM)? Complete Guide & Review About Clam Island

What Is Clam Island (GEM)?

Clam Island gamifies yield farming through a unique 3D immersive UI with in-game characters and the power of interactive NFTs. The 3D NFTs are definitely not gimmicks – they have a set of sophisticated random traits and rarity tiers , and have direct financial utility. Clam Island aims to be a long term yield farming platform that changes the landscape with what call an industry first “Play to Invest” concept.

Clam Island aims to become the Steam of blockchain gaming / yield farming by onboarding third-party-games in an established ecosystem that gives financial utility to the games’ NFTs and tokens. “This grand vision also means that have every intention of being a true cross-chain ecosystem. Unlike many other yield farms that like to deploy separate, unbridged tokens across different chains, intend to bridge very own $GEM token in every new chain that deploy on. have every confidence in the sustainability of ecosystem and our long term vision.”

Clam Island (GEM) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameClam Island
Short Name(GEM)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply920,678
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Clam Island aims to become the Steam of blockchain gaming & yield farming. Clam Island is a unique concept and introduces with it a unique tokenomics model for gamifying yield farming with integrated NFT collectibles that have billions of random trait combinations, built-in rarity tiers and financial utility. But it is much more than just one game. It is a proof of concept.

The two-token model that we have designed allows both utility and flexibility. $GEM is at once the yield farming reward token and the in-game currency, while $SHELL is the governance token that is also tightly linked to the NFT assets of the game itself. Once prove that this model is sustainable, and are confident that will plan is to open up ecosystem to allow other NFT collections and games to build on top of platform.



Clam Island Discover a brand new breed of Play-to-Earn. Why grind, when you can invest? Unlike traditional Play-to-Earn games, Clam Island’s industry-first Play-to-Invest model only requires you to spend a small amount of time to manage your investments in the platform, making it much more friendly to the casual gamer.

DeFi + NFT + Gamification

Clam Island Unlock the true potential of DeFi + NFT through gamification. Buy and farm Clam and Pearl NFTs with billions of randomized possible on-chain trait combinations and rarity tiers. Gamify your investment by earning $GEM ROI* on your NFTs that averages 2x over the lifespan of a Clam, but can be as high as 450x, depending on their traits!

Sustainable Design

Clam Island A separate in-game currency ($GEM) and a governance token ($SHELL). Novel reward-vesting and NFT yield-producing mechanics. A game designed to reward regular and long term players. These are only a few examples of carefully designed ecosystem with sustainability in mind.

Token & 2 NFT Ecosystem

The Clam Island Ecosystem consists of two types of tokens and two types of NFTs:

1) $SHELL is the governance token of Clam Island and is scarce by design. The only way in which it’s supply increases is by burning Clam NFTs to harvest them for $SHELL. The supply of Clam NFTs is limited – only a certain amount of Clams can be bought per week.

2) $GEM is the reward token in the Clam Island Bank (yieldfarm) and the in-game currency to mint Clam NFTs and produce Pearl NFTs. Whenever an NFT is minted, 80% of $GEM spent is burnt, 20% goes to treasury for the development of the product & ecosystem.

3) Clam NFTs have various rarity tiers and billions of possible trait combinations, making each Clam unique. Clams are fully interactive 3D NFTs, that have financial utility. They can boost your yield, when you deposit them, produce Pearl NFTs (which also boost your yield) and are harvestable for $SHELL.

4) Pearl NFTs have various rarity tiers and billions of possible trait combinations, making each Pearl unique. Pearl NFTs can be used to boost your yield in the Clam Island Bank.