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What Is ChangeX (CHANGE)? Complete Guide & Review About ChangeX

What Is ChangeX (CHANGE)?

ChangeX is a multi-chain non-custodial hybrid DeFi/CeFi application with a focus on PoS assets, designing a unique leveraged staking product that would allow up to 2x APR on existing assets and a Visa card to spend staking income without interrupting staking as well as all other crypto assets.

ChangeX Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameChangeX
Short NameCHANGE
Max Supply425,000,000
Total Supply425,000,000
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Leveraged Staking Product

ChangeX’s Leveraged Staking is among the world’s first, and is specifically designed for PoS and inflationary assets in order to boost APR. By harnessing the power of collateralized staking pools, Leveraged Staking maximizes APR by a factor of 1.2-2x, while also powering a stablecoin lending market.

Next-Gen composable DeFi

Introducing the ChangeX app – a hybrid ecosystem for all your Crypto, DeFi, and Banking needs. Combining compliant CeFi with true DeFi elements, ChangeX streamlines the crypto experience for everyone. Brought to you by industry veterans.

Additional Product Features

Flexible Staking Pools

One-click access to staking HYDRA and other PoS assets.

DeFi Wallet

You are in control of your private keys and seed phrase

Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

On all pairs in the app

NFT Wallet

Securely hold and transfer your purchased NFTs with the click of a button.

Stablecoin Lending Market

Lend for an attractive APR and power the Leveraged Staking economy

“Earn” Product

Enabels fixed APR for stablecoins.

Composable DeFi Economics

DeFi Composability enables economic systems to interact with each other and create synergies in order to improve outcome probability. ChangeX aims to offer a mobile-friendly app interface that will tap into this opportunity. Non tech-savvy individuals will be able to take advantage of non-custodial industry-leading products such as cross-chain bridges, staking, lending, DAOs, and collateralized staking in Lego-like combinations that aim to provide lower risk with higher reward.

If blockchain’s complex and interoperable ecosystem is the backend, then ChangeX is the front-end, the keys to unlock everything, make sense of it, and make it accessible. DeFi, crypto, banking – true composability is only possible when everything is included into one package. At ChangeX, that’s exactly what we want to achieve.


The ChangeX platform strives to streamline the entire crypto experience by merging CEX and DEX tools with in-app functionality like staking and lending, while allowing you to spend your digital assets with a ChangeX Crypto Debit Card.. Trade, store, and earn against your crypto – ChangeX has you covered.

  • You are in complete control of your assets. Your keys, your coins.
  • Forget about switching between DEXs – swap tokens in-app at the best rates.
  • Earn high APR on PoS Assets and track your earnings.
  • Among the first leveraged staking products without ever leaving the app – up to 2x on base APR.
  • Store all your ERC 721 and ERC 1155 standard NFTs inside the ChangeX app.
  • Crypto in real life – use the ChangeX debit card to pay with your digital assets.
  • Multiple payment methods supported in the app for the easiest access to your crypto.
  • No more need to leave the app – your bank account is here and it blends right in.

The CHANGE token

CHANGE is the governance token of the ChangeX app. It is a deflationary HRC20 token (HydraChain), which offers high APR to holders by acting as a bridge to the staked inflationary assets in the app, where rewards will be paid out in CHANGE.

30% of all crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto trading fees in the app will be used to power a burn mechanism to reduce total supply, thus driving the price upwards.

CHANGE will also provide governance rights to holders, allowing them to vote on new additions to the ecosystem.

Token Sale

$CHANGE ICO’s tokensale phase closed on June 1 with 1.8x oversubscription. We are currently in the commitment phase, where users have until July 1 to pay for the rest of the CHANGE they subscribed for. Below is a breakdown of the token allocation. There will be an invite-only private placement with Tier 1 institutional investors, who could contribute to the project’s adoption.

The oversubscription level for CHANGE is 1.8x, which means that a quota reduction mechanism comes into effect, reducing the amount of tokens everyone receives. This provides a fair allocation for CHANGE and a more stable aftermarket foundation for the project by effectively dispersing the tokens to a larger investor base, among other benefits, such as reduced circulating supply.

Road Map

This is a highly tentative roadmap that shows how the ChangeX vision will unfold

Q4 2021R&D

  • Research for Leveraged Staking & DeFi Products
  • MVP – Non-custodial wallet with a few supported cryptocurrencies, incl. HYDRA
  • Prototyping Composable Earn Products

Q1 2022 – Legal Setup

  • Establish Legal entity
  • Secure Seed Investment from HYDRA & LockTrip
  • Team Structuring
  • HYDRA SDKs for Swift, Kotlin and Go

FEB 28 2022

Subscription Start With 3% Deposit.

MARCH 28 2022

100% Subscription reached.

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