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What Is Centaurify (CENT) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Centaurify

What Is Centaurify (CENT) Coin Review ?

Centaurify aim to create a better and more delightful experience for the live concert lovers while empowering the musicians by helping them gain their freedom back and unleash their creativity. They do this through leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs, coupled with some of the greatest tech-creatives in the industry. The team behind building and growing Centaurify is born for the job. You are looking at a combo of music industry passionates, crypto-fanatics and talented advisors.

Centaurify Cryptocurrencies from the beginning were never meant to be solely confined to the realm of financial services and much like money bleeds into every aspect of our lives today, cryptocurrencies have already begun to do the same. The nascent industry has just recently been adopted as legal tender by a nation- state[1], crypto continues to install itself into popular and widely used financial apps like CashApp[2] and Venmo[3] and sees exponential institutional growth as companies continue to either open their services to blockchain technology or take positions in it[4].

Centaurify Since the next step in the evolution of blockchain technology was Ethereum, which introduced the idea of smart contract technology where users can interact in a trustless environment, the industry has been given the means to begin expanding cryptocurrencies into more than just sending and receiving assets. Over the summer of 2020 the industry witnessed “Defi Summer” [5] where investors saw a live first implementation of smart contract use cases.

Centaurify (CENT) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCentaurify
Short Name (CENT)
Circulating Supply113,181,947.00 CENT
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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Centaurify the age of social media networks and internet virality, musicians can be launched into the spotlight at any stage of their careers or potentially never, but regardless all of them have realized that they need to put in the effort to build followings and not just hone their craft in order for them to eventually become successful either through sheer will or through something like the YouTube algorithm deciding to make their song the flavor of the day

NFT Marketplace

Centaurify The world’s first marketplace for digital music merchandise? Here you will find digital collectibles from the world’s most pioneering musicians. Get early access to the marketplace and updates by joining our waiting list or sing up as a artists/creator. https://www.centaurify.We have supercharged tickets to give you a whole new experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Be part of the future of the ticket industry.


Centaurify has been built from the ground up by music and concert industry veterans specifically to be the leading Music-NFT DeTi (Decentralized Ticketing) platform to secure the independence of musicians and music creators and allow them to run their own events and live performances. Our platform is founded upon two simple principles; artists should be in direct control of the ticket minting process and they should have full control over their tickets’ secondary markets.


Centaurify ticketing platform operates on three pillars to ensure that artists are in full control of their performances. First, by minting every ticket as a unique NFT, fans are protected from counterfeit, fake tickets and can trace the entire transaction history of the ticket to confirm that it came from the artist and their teams. Second, artists are able to customize the specific parameters of their NFT Ticket smart contracts to set resale threshold values and prevent the scalping market from either existing or becoming grossly exploitative.