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What Is CDzExchange (CDZ) ? Complete Guide Review About CDzExchange

What Is CDzExchange (CDZ) ?

CDzExchange is a cross-chain crypto derivatives exchange with fast speed, low fees and unified trading experience. CDzExchange aims to solve the trilemma of slow transactions, high fees and poor user experience in current decentralized derivatives exchanges. Users can trade leveraged perpetual contracts, stablecoins and assets like BEP20, ERC20s and other major assets. aims to support cross-chain technology with top chains, all without compromising on speed or security.

The platform also provides staking and liquidity mining to unlock new opportunities enabled by cross-chain DeFi. governance token allows the community to define future protocol decisions. Other usages of the token include staking rewards, fee sharing and liquidity provider incentives.

CDzExchange (CDZ)Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCDzExchange
Short Name(CDZ)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply925,870,430
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Disrupting Traditional Finance

CDzExchange Decentralize Finance (DeFi) is a broad term of open finance built on smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies. It is a rapidly growing and expansive set of new financial technologies disrupting traditional finance which are highly centralized. Products and services that billions of people use today, including banking, lending, borrowing, derivatives, insurance and trading are being redefined from the ground up through DeFi.

CDzExchange DeFi is a paradigm shift from centralized entities controlling a large majority of financial services to trustless smart contracts that perform similar functions to traditional finance services.

The DeFi Total Locked Value (TVL) reached US$45.5 billion in February 2021, achieving an exponential 3926% growth in just 12 months [1]. The rapid growth of the DeFi market is a clear reflection of DeFI’s exciting new opportunities that are solving decade-old problems of centralized finance.

Problems in DeFi

CDzExchange is invariably still in its infancy, starting in late 2017 with the launch of MakerDAO [2]. Although the exact scope of DeFi varies among the community, MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin was one of the first major use cases and real adoption of DeFi.

The major popularity of Ethereum, which encompasses a majority of DeFi activity, led to the explosive rise in dapps ranging from:

  • Non-custodial stablecoins (example: MakerDAO DAI)
  • Lending and borrowing protocols (example: Compound)
  • Liquidity Pools (example: Balancer)
  • DEXs (examples: Uniswap, SushiSwap)
  • Derivatives (examples: Hegic, DerivaDEX, Opium Network)
  • Synthetics (example: Synthetix)
  • Insurance (example: Nexus Mutual)
  • Prediction (example: Auger)
  • Yield Aggregators (example:

Poor User Experience

CDzExchange For professional derivatives or spot trading, full-fledged UIUX is required for adoption to truly take off. Centralized exchanges have robust trading UI, advanced order types and API integrations with third parties that make the overall trading experience much more cohesive than a fragmented platform. DeFi trading platforms, including derivatives platforms, fall short when it comes to a solid user experience.

Solutions with CDzExchange

CDzExchange solves the trilemma challenge with a cross-chain decentralized derivatives platform that enables fast, low cost and unified trading experience.

3.1 Balance is Key

CDzExchange focuses on the optimal balance between performance, fees and UI/UX for a far improved decentralized derivatives trading experience. Combined with cross-chain transfers and low on-chain transaction cost, CDzExchange is powered by Binance Smart Chain for its balance of high speed and low cost.

3.2 Cross-chain

CDzExchange believe that each type of architecture has its own pros and cons for different use case applications. For decentralized derivatives to truly gain widespread adoption, there must be bridges between existing protocols that allow for frictionless transfers of assets

Why Perpetual Contracts?

CDzExchange Perpetual contracts are one of the most popular forms of derivatives trading for crypto-based assets. Perpetuals are like Futures in that traders either long or short positions in anticipation of predicting the future price of the underlying asset. One key difference from Futures is that Perpetuals don’t have a settlement or expiration date. It can be held indefinitely.