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What Is CASHTHAI (CTHAI) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About CASHTHAI

What Is CASHTHAI (CTHAI) Coin Review ?

CASHTHAI currently running on the TRON blockchain (TRX) using the TRC-20 standard and powered by the CTHAI tokens by which users will be able to redeem/installment at merchant outlets. The platform provides an ecosystem of services through an easy-to-use interface, allowing full transparency and traceability. CTHAI will also develop a wallet that back the CTHAI tokens in a decentralized way to store and transfer easily.

CASHTHAI plans to launch an NFT business model with the motto of ‘contain value’, ‘contain asset’, and ‘contain copyright’. The completely differentiated NFT business model with own humanities analysis consists of A Series – Art NFT Collection, R Series – Real asset NFT Collection, F Series – Fashion NFT Collection, etc. We plan to collaborate with various partners by providing the optimal NFT business model to companies and creators.

CASHTHAI The world you see when you cross the bridge, Metaverse. will present the Metaverse Bridge platform. All companies will be able to supply their products and services to the Metaverse ecosystem through the bridge platform that NFTs real assets and real products and supplies them to the Metaverse world. The key is because there is Platform, which turns real assets into digital assets.

CASHTHAI (CTHAI) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameCTHAI
Circulating Supply1.00B CTHAI
Max Supply3,000,000,000,000
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Mission And Vision

CTHAI is a reliable, fundamental, long-term project based on blockchain protocol. CTHAI allows users to trade token and manage tokens at the CTHAI wallet. CTHAI can be used as digital currency and the users can be benefitted by getting discounts. A simple and user-friendly interface that allow users to buy, sell and trade CTHAI tokens in one transaction.

NFTs Leading Revolutionary Changes in the Copyright System

The creation and transfer of rights such as ownership or copyright to digitally created works is contained in blockchain technology. For works not registered with the association, it is possible to announce to the network that they are creations of assets.

Visible digital Assets,

NFTs NFT strives to make it visible. provide a digital guarantee (certificate of authenticity) for the value contained in NFT. plan to provide consumers with a ‘compensation plan’ by applying the DAG solution in case of an accident such as forgery or copyright violation .

Map Ecosystem

MXBOX’s highly compatible and transparent features allow for the speedy development of an application ecosystem. Games, Education, Live Streaming, Social, Manufacturing and other Ttraditional Internet vendors and WEB2.0 products can take advantage of MXBOX’s technical support as efforts to usher in the WEB3.0 era and to enter the Metaverse.


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