Buda.com Crypto Exchange Review: It Is Good Or Bad?

Buda.com Crypto Exchange Review: It Is Good Or Bad?

About Buda.com

Buda.com is an exchange and wallet from Latin-America, with operations in Argentina, Chile (HQ), Colombia and Peru. Buda is reportedly backed by DCG. If you have problems or comments about the application, write to support@buda.com.

Buda itself highlights three things as their main advantages as an exchange, their selling points to prospective users: (i) it’s secure, (ii) it has liquidity, and (iii) it has a 99.9% uptime. These advantages are all naturally very good, but needs to be tested through time in order for the public to verify that it’s true.

Buda.com (which was previously known as SURBTC) is an entry-level cryptocurrency exchange, focused on some South American countries. They are based in Chile, but also service traders in Colombia and Peru. They generally like their service, although it is catered towards specific potential clients.

Buda Exchange Basic Points

Exchange NameBuda
Trade FeeLow Trading Fee
Fiat DepositYes
Deposit FeesFree. Small deposit fees apply.
Easy To Use Yes
Security High
Market Orders0.8%
Customer Support Available At Ticket & Live Chat
Official SiteHomepage

How To Start ?

How To Sign Up At Buda Exchange ?

bitfinex sign up button

It Is Very Easy To Sign Up At Buda Exchange . Just Click On Sign Up Button At Website .Fill Registration Form With Correct Details Like Your Email , Phone Number , Password Etc . Once You Fill All Data You Get Verification Link At Your Email . Just Verify Your Link For Successfully Verification.

How To Deposit Fund At Buda Exchange ?

Once your account has been verified, click on the ‘DEPOSIT’ button, which you’ll find at the top right-hand side of the screen. Choose which currency you want to deposit and then you will be provided with the Wallet details that you need to transfer the funds to .

How To Trade At Buda Exchange ?

Once your account is funded, you can then begin day trading at Valr. Click on the ‘TRADING’ button at the top of the screen, and you will be taken to the main trading area. You now need to select the trading pair that you want to trade. Finally, enter the amount that you want to buy, decide whether you want to do a ‘market order’ or ‘limit order’, and then place your trade.

How To Withdraw At Buda Exchange ?

Withdrawing your funds from Swipe is very easy. Go to the “Withdraw” window, select the asset you want to take out and fill all the required fields. Note that you won’t be able to withdraw currencies if you haven’t secured your account with 2FA and/or whitelisted addresses.

Service commissions

Payment and Withdrawal

Currency / CryptocurrencyFertilizersRetreats
Bitcoin0.0 BTC0.0002 BTC
Bitcoin cash0.0 BCH0.000005 BCH
Ether0.0 ETH0.00532 ETH
Litecoin0.0 LTC0.00005 LTC

Basic Purchase and Sale

Order typeCommissionDescription
Instant Buy / Sell1.2%Quote and we will honor the price for 1 minute.

Advanced Buying and Selling

Volume traded in 30 days
(USD equivalent)
Market OrdersLimit Orders
<$ 2,000 USD0.8%0.4%
<$ 20,000 USD0.7%0.35%
<$ 100,000 USD0.6%0.3%
<$ 500,000 USD0.5%0.25%
<$ 2,500,000 USD0.4%0.2%
<$ 5,000,000 USD0.3%0.15%
≥ $ 5,000,000 USD0.2%0.1%
  • * Buda.com may be a difference of up to one hour between the time a transaction occurs and the system reflects the new volume traded.
  • * The service commission is charged in full at the time of the transaction, so there are no subsequent charges.
  • * Buda.com reserves the right to modify its commissions.
  • * The withdrawal commission may be higher if it is requested to a bank account registered in a place outside of Lima, in which case it will be communicated to the client before processing the withdrawal.

You Deserve This Excellent Service


Buda Exchange More than 90% of the funds are stored in vaults disconnected from the Internet.


They actively work with traders and liquidity providers to have the deepest cryptocurrency market.

99.9% Uptime

Buda.com commitment is to offer a service 24/7, 365 days a year.

An app designed for investors and amateurs.

Check the evolution of your investment portfolio anywhere, at any time. View your cryptocurrency balances transformed into your local currency.

Working at Buda.com you will be able to:

  1. Work remotely, from anywhere on the planet!
  2. Have flexible hours, which allows you to reconcile with your work and family responsibilities because #coresponsibility.
  3. Enjoy five weeks of vacation a year. Yes, you read that right. It’s not you, it’s us. Five.
  4. Take advantage of our office with all its benefits:
    • Accessible location: near the Costanera Center, near the subway, near bus stops and with an indoor bicycle rack.
    • Comfortable and safe space with desks, ergonomic chairs, support monitors and everything you need to work.
    • Homemade lunch, water and coffee bar, healthy snacks and other sweeter ones.
    • Barbecue terrace, interior zen patio, meeting rooms, exterior patio, lots of green and pleasant spaces to concentrate, relax, read, have a video call, etc.
    • Interaction with a Bakan team and with a good disposition to learn and teach you.
    • You can bring your pet to the office!

Download Buda.com

More than 100,000 customers trust. Important: You need to have an account on Buda.com to use this application. With the Buda.com wallet you can:

– Buy and sell Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
– Pay with Bitcoin Lightning Network.
– Charge and transfer your cryptocurrencies, from your smartphone.
– Check your balance in your preferred currencies and cryptocurrencies.
– Review your cryptocurrency investment portfolio in a simple and didactic way, in addition to following the evolution of your investment over time.