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What Is Black Eye Galaxy(BYG) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Black Eye Galaxy

What Is Black Eye Galaxy(BYG) Coin Review ?

Black Eye Galaxy [BYG] is a metaverse game designed to give an exciting space exploration experience for its members. BYG offers many playable non-fungible token (NFT) assets from planets to spaceships and buildings – all tradeable, transferable and truly owned by the player. BYG is a Play-To-Earn game meaning that just by doing tasks in-game the player will be rewarded BYG tokens – the native currency of the metaverse. BYG runs on Binance Smart Chain primarily, since BSC offers very fast and cheap transactions which makes the game more accessible to a broader range of people. However, to attract even more players BYG will be integrating all mainstream Layer-1 Blockchains in its gameplay, i.e. Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and others.

Black Eye Galaxy Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBlack Eye Galaxy
Short Name(BYG)
Circulating Supply55,253,276.60 BYG
Max Supply500,000,000
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Black Eye Galaxy The BYG token is a standard BEP-20 token which is used as the main currency for all transactions within the game, the player will be buying and selling NFT assets for and with BYG, the player will also earn rewards in BYG token for completing various tasks. The BYG token has a total supply of 500 Million on Binance Smart Chain (of these 500 million tokens not all will be in circulation immediately.


Black Eye Galaxy uses NFTs to manage all its metaverse assets, meaning that every planet, spaceship or building can be bought, sold and traded by the player and kept in their own wallet – fully decentralized the way it should be. NFT assets are not standard tokens that can be traded on common DEXs like PancakeSwap, thus BYG uses its own NFT marketplace in which all the aforementioned assets can be bought and sold using the native BYG Token.

High Level Overview

Black Eye Galaxy Each planet and spaceship are NFTs Each planet has its own set of resources that can be mined by staking and then sold on the market Each mining resource will be represented by a separate token Planets that fall within the Earth Similarity Index can be terraformed to be inhabitable Civilizations with their own currency can be established Mined resources can be sold by civilizations near each other


  • Civilizations will be able to evolve, develop new technologies and explore space for new solar systems
  • Civilizations will be governed by DAOs
  • They will get tax from their member’s transactions to form a budget. Also there will be a small space union tax in original BYG token to cover project maintenance


Black Eye Galaxy web-based game is the first step to something much bigger, a Galaxy that can be explored, travelled and colonised. The main focus in 2022 is to expand beyond the web-based version into a fully functional 3D metaverse where our community can immerse themselves in the exploration of space, stars and planets. The first step in this direction is 3D spaceship racing with player versus player gaming planned for Q1 release, where players will be able compete with one another on the first BYG racetrack based on the in-game civilisation’s home planet Iris.

Black Eye Galaxy The step to follow in our 3D metaverse journey will be 3D cities, virtual worlds in the BYG galaxy that can be explored. The first MVP is pinned for Q2 2022 and sneak peeks will be given into what is to come with the sale concept which will provide an entire galaxy full of opportunities for planet owners and early settlers. The web version will continue to be developed, moving from today’s game mechanics to a much more integrated economy, where resources can be mined, exchanged and reused for construction and ship building. Also the list of supported blockchains will be expanded and exciting new partnerships will be forged.