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Binance is a Chinese company? Is Chen Guangying the man in power behind the scenes? Changpeng Zhao refutes rumors and tells the truth

In response to the outside world’s doubts that “Heina Chen is the behind-the-scenes person in charge of Binance” and “Binance is a Chinese company”, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) personally issued a denial on FireWire on September 1, explaining that these The claims are conspiracy theories deliberately spread by detractors.

Who is Chen Guangying?

Changpeng Zhao said that before he founded Binance, he established a company called “Bijie Technology” in China in 2015 to provide an exchange-as-a-service platform for other exchanges. At that time, he invited Chen Guangying to join the team and Responsible for the management of the background, because Changpeng Zhao is a Canadian citizen and China has restrictive laws on foreigners, so Chen Guangying, a Chinese citizen, is registered as the legal representative of the company.

As a result, Chen Guangying’s name was listed in the early documents of Bijie Technology, but it also gave detractors an opportunity to play it up and deliberately spread “Chen Guangying is the secret owner of Bijie Technology.” ”, “Chen Guangying is the man behind Binance” and other conspiracy theories.

According to websites such as Scam Binance, Chen Guangying owned 93% of Bijie Technology and Binance at some stage. Changpeng Zhao pointed out that these are all rumors of competitors trying to slander Binance. He continued:

Today, Chen Guangying oversees Binance’s management and clearing team and lives in a European country. Changpeng Zhao went on to write:

“Binance is not a Chinese company”

In the article, Changpeng Zhao also detailed his complicated relationship with China and how ridiculous it is to label Binance a “Chinese company.” He described the helplessness of Binance’s “two ends are not on the shore, and there are no people inside and outside”:

Changpeng Zhao believes that malicious rumors may stem from the fact that he and several other Binance employees are Chinese:

Earlier, an article in India’s Fortune Star described Binance as a “cryptocurrency exchange from China,” claiming that Binance and other centralized exchanges that made their fortunes in China were “invading” India and using Illicit means to operate one’s own business recklessly within India.

Changpeng Zhao left China at the age of 12 and moved to Canada. He returned to China in 2015 to start a business and established Bijie Technology, but it was later closed by the Chinese government. Then in July 2017, he invited some Bijie Technology employees to launch Binance. The result was less than two It was shut down again by the Chinese government in March, when he and most of his employees left China.

Changpeng Zhao said that although Binance has never been legally registered or established in China, has no legal entity in China, and has never operated like a Chinese company culturally, there are rumors about “Binance being infiltrated by China” Still hard to stop.

Changpeng Zhao finally wrote that he likes to see others call him “Chinese Canadian CEO” because he is a Canadian citizen.

Binance was legally incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 2017, but currently has no official headquarters. As of October 2021, Binance has accumulated around 28.6 million users, making it the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the world.


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