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Trading Fee25% Off
Futures Trading Fee Rat10% fee
Trading volumeCumulative 30
Official SiteHomepage

Fee Schedule Cumulative 30-day trading volume and average 24-hour holdings are automatically calculated daily at 00:00 (UTC). User VIP level and fee rates are updated daily at 02:00 (UTC) to correspond with the fee schedule in the table below…….More What does “Maker/Taker” mean? Refer Friends to Earn

Level30d Trade Volume (BTC)&/orBNB BalanceMaker / TakerMaker / TakerBNB25% offMaker / TakerBNB x Referral25% off x Kickback 20%
VIP 0< 50 BTCor≥ 0 BNB0.1000% / 0.1000%0.0750% / 0.0750%0.0600% /0.0600%
VIP 1≥ 50 BTC&≥ 50 BNB0.0900% / 0.1000%0.0675% / 0.0750%0.0540% /0.0600%
VIP 2≥ 500 BTC&≥ 200 BNB0.0800% / 0.1000%0.0600% / 0.0750%0.0480% /0.0600%
VIP 3≥ 1500 BTC&≥ 500 BNB0.0700% / 0.1000%0.0525% / 0.0750%0.0420% /0.0600%
VIP 4≥ 4500 BTC&≥ 1000 BNB0.0700% / 0.0900%0.0525% / 0.0675%0.0420% /0.0540%
VIP 5≥ 10000 BTC&≥ 2000 BNB0.0600% / 0.0800%0.0450% / 0.0600%0.0360% /0.0480%
VIP 6≥ 20000 BTC&≥ 3500 BNB0.0500% / 0.0700%0.0375% / 0.0525%0.0300% /0.0420%
VIP 7≥ 40000 BTC&≥ 6000 BNB0.0400% / 0.0600%0.0300% / 0.0450%0.0240% /0.0360%
VIP 8≥ 80000 BTC&≥ 9000 BNB0.0300% / 0.0500%0.0225% / 0.0375%0.0180% /0.0300%
VIP 9≥ 150000 BTC&≥ 11000 BNB0.0200% / 0.0400%0.0150% / 0.0300%0.0120% /0.0240%

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What are Binance Leveraged Tokens? Leveraged Tokens are a type of derivative product that give you leveraged exposure to the underlying asset. Like other tokens, leveraged tokens can be traded on the spot market. Each leveraged token represents a basket of perpetual contract positions. The price of a leveraged token moves along with price changes in the perpetual contract market, and the leverage level moves up and down accordingly. Unlike margin trading, leveraged tokens allow you to gain exposure to leveraged positions without having to put up any collateral, maintain a maintenance margin level, or worry about the risk of liquidation. However, even though you don’t have to worry about the risk of liquidation, there are still risks associated with leveraged token positions, such as the effects of price movements in the perpetual contracts market, premiums, and funding rates.

Binance Leveraged Tokens rebalance?

The Leveraged Tokens rebalance on an as-needed basis only. Unlike conventional leveraged tokens, The Leveraged Tokens are not forced to maintain a constant leverage. Hence, The Leveraged Tokens rebalance during extreme market movements only. rebalancing of Binance Leveraged Tokens positions is governed by proprietary algorithms. The aims to maximize the correlation between the The Leveraged Tokens and the underlying margin-Leveraged position.

What are the fees associated with Binance Leveraged Tokens?

The fees associated with Leveraged Tokens are as follows:
i. Trading fees: Trading fees are charged when buying or selling tokens in the spot market, and the fee schedule is identical to spot trading.

ii. Subscription fees: Subscription fees are charged when users choose to subscribe tokens, which is currently set at 0.1% per subscription.

iii. Redemption fees: Redemption fees are charged when users choose to redeem tokens, which is currently set at 0.1% per redemption.

iv. Management fees: A daily management fee of 0.01% will be charged at 00:00 UTC and reflected directly in the net asset value of the leveraged tokens;

v. Funding fees: Funding fees are paid (or paid to) the underlying fund based on the funding rate and reflected directly in the net asset value of the Leveraged tokens. They takes no fees for funding rate transfers; these are directly between traders.


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