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What Is Alien Wars Gold (AWG) ? Complete Guide & Review About Alien Wars Gold

What Is Alien Wars Gold (AWG) ?

Alien Wars Gold (AWG) is a collectible, digital combat card game with play to earn (P2E) mechanism and a PvP ranking system. The game allows players to earn rewards, in the form of Alien Wars Gold (AWG) or NFTs. Alien Wars combines blockchain technology with traditional card games. Alien Wars not only allows for owning of playing cards similar to a physical card game, but also for easy trading of NFT cards online. In the far future, the Federation of Mankind discovers the Meta-V001 blackhole allowing them to fast travel to resource rich Pi galaxy.

Alien Wars Gold (AWG) Pi galaxy contains rich amount of rare element Alien Wars Gold (AWG), the most essential and valuable commodity in the metaverse. Unfortunately, the mining activity of vast amount of Alien Wars Gold has attracted unwelcome enemies. In the year 31415, an army of the Mech Alliance originated from Andromeda Galaxy invades and occupies 100 planets in the Pi galaxy. Soon after, the war between the Federation and the Alliance break out. Join the battle by affiliating yourself with one of many factions. Build your own team, hire troopers to win in this ravaging war and become the top ranking ruler and earn AWG!

Alien Wars Gold (AWG) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAlien Wars Gold
Short Name(AWG)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max SupplyN/A
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From playing many P2E games, found:

  • Most P2E games lacked quality artwork and gameplay.
  • Token allocation is mostly given to investors.
  • Not much focus on the NFT economy which is essentially the driving force of the game asset values.

With this in mind, set out to create a self funded NFT-focused game:

  • Alien Wars Gold The game will deliver a great gaming experience through exciting gameplay, unique AAA quality 3D characters.
  • Having no token allocated to public/private listing or venture capitalists and a Fair Launch.
  • Tokenomics model that rewards the players in the ecosystem with 75% of all token supply.

Thus, beginning the journey of creating a sustainable and long-term Alien Wars and beyond.


Alien Wars Gold is a collectable, digital combat card game with play to earn (P2E) mechanism and a PvP ranking system. The game allows players to earn rewards and NFTs. Alien Wars combines blockchain technology with traditional card games.

Mining Wars

Alien Wars Gold Mining Wars is a tier based staking and an on-going operation! Mine, Protect, Loot! Using your mining ships, you can mine AWG on different planets categorized by mining rates ranging from Low Resource to Very High Resource. The higher resource planet is, the higher mining rate would be. The precious mining resource is AWG which can be used for the minting, upgrading of Alien Wars NFT, and other utilities in the game. AWG can be mined on your own, or looted from your opponents through battles. Mined AWG cannot be claimed immediately.

Alien Wars Gold Your unclaimed AWG is at risk of being looted off by your opponents if you do not defend your mining ship well enough. So remember to make good use of Alien Wars Fusion events to upgrade your troopers to guard your wealth. In Mining Wars, you can take part in offensive operations to attack your opponents’ mining ship, defensive operations to defend your own mining ship, or simply mining in a safe planet. Offensive operations can be challenging and incur resource costs and troopers’ damages but are handsomely rewarded with great mining loots and top leader board prizes. Defensive operations also incur resource costs and troopers’ damage but your unclaimed and precious AWG resource value will be well worth defending.