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What Is AlgoPad (ALGOPAD)? Complete Guide Review About AlgoPad.

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What Is AlgoPad (ALGOPAD)?

Introducing the First Launchpad on the super hyped AlgoPad Blockchain – A deflationary launchpad that has reflection rewards distributed to holders. A web browser runs java script code that connects to bootstrapping nodes and replaces “hbit-links” with their addresses. This requires to embedding a small script which is executed in an “on load” event. The script will do all the work via CORS, JSON, or other techniques.

Alias can be sold to either specific AlgoPad Accounts or to the general public. To sell an alias, you can set the price to sell for every alias. It is possible to sell the Aliases by setting a sale price, once the order has been started, each user can buy the alias by paying the requested amount. It is possible to update the sales price by sending the sales form again with the updated price. Each sale or update request costs only 0.00001 as a transaction cost in the Blockchain.

AlgoPad Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAlgoPad
Circulating Supply3,300,000.00 ALGOPAD
Total Supply10,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


AlgoPad will incentive and reward all token stakers in a way to easy access to projects on your launchpad. The unique Two Tier Mechanism ensures fair chance to all the supporters. The “Lottery Tier” empowers the small holders and the “Guaranteed Tier” is for the true believers & supporters. From the time of inception of BSC MemePad, they have demonstrated that their team have expertise with crypto marketing and launch.

How It Works

The main deflationary mechanisms of AlgoPad include a 1.5% fee on transactions and early unstinting fees of up to 15%. There will be an option to unstake early which comes with an up to 15% burn fee. If you wait 4 weeks to unstake, there will be NO FEE.

In addition to keeping a record of AlgoPad transactions, the blockchain can also be used to store user-defined data. All forms of data can be uploaded to the blockchain, providing a secure (and, if desired, permanent) method of storing, retrieving and publishing information.

Incubating Potential Projects

The IDO space has experienced tremendous growth, the number of new projects has sky rocketed. They strive to bring the growth opportunity to the AlgoPad ecosystem and help incubating project with great potential and dedicated team and give them a platform to showcase themselves.

Accept payments

Unlike the POS, AlgoPad Pay allows you to accept online payments, whether it is a website, a shop, a game or an application, with a few lines of code you can accept payments, in seconds, and in complete safety. As for the POS, over 160 local currencies are also supported here with real-time exchange. Furthermore there is the possibility to set successful url, cancellation url and verify payments through pin url. This guarantees maximum security in the verification of transactions.

Voting System

AlgoPad system can be used by any type of local or national voting agency by entering specific parameters that can be found and implemented using the HTTP API. The voting system allows each user to launch a survey on the Blockchain, and allow each user to vote. Using the Blockchain, votes cannot in any way be tampered with, real-time voting after the vote has been confirmed in the blockchain.

Alias System

AlgoPad feature of essentially allows one piece of text to be substituted for another, so that keywords or key phrases can be used to represent other things – names, telephone numbers, physical addresses, web sites, account numbers, email addresses, product SKU codes almost anything you can think of. For example, you could ask to associate “search” with “”.

Once this is done, all you have to do to get to Google is type “hbit:search” into a -capable browser, and it will translate your request in one for “”. Immediate applications are simple you can create an easy-to-remember alias for your account number, for example. AlgoPad But since the Alias System is open-ended, it can be used to implement a decentralized DNS system, shopping cart applications, and more.

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