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Algoblocks Ico Review:  Automate DeFi Investments in One place

About Algoblocks

Algoblocks provides a simple platform to enable any user to access multiple DeFi products to invest and create personalized DeFi portfolio based on machine learning. They abstract all the technical details, whilst providing a seamless user experience.

Algoblocks Ico Karts Ico Key Information

Token NameAlgoblocks Ico
Personal Cap1000000 ALGOBLK
Ico Price$0.100000
Fundraising Goal$100,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Key Features

Simplify The Experience

Invest in any combo of investment in a few clicks without writing any code or technical know how

Unlimited Strategies at your own disposal

Use existing or create your own Algo templates to trade.

All in One Dashboard and Command Center

View, discover, manage and automate all your DeFi assets in one place.

Built on a Sophisticated Tech Stack

Better pricing, fast response times and smart order routing to various.

All in One Dashboard

Once you connect your wallet, we provide you with a suite of services to provide you with not just surface information of your crypto holding but also actionable intelligence

  1. 1.View all your tokens in your connected wallet and view various smart token metrics for you to make intelligent decisions with your crypto
  2. 2.Track and Share your watchlist of your invested and your favorite tokens
  3. 3.Real-time gas prices – Know when to trade and when not to trade
  4. 4.Alerts and Signals – Receive intelligent alerts on unusual or significant movements of the the token that you hold – Think of “Whale Alert” and “Token Buy / Sell Signals” combined

Swapping / Adding Liquidity

Algoblocks simply the process for you to swap tokens and invest into liquidity pools to earn yield. They have chosen these two trade flows (Swapping and liquidity) for the MVP, given these were the 2 top actions that were most requested from our target users when they carried out our product demand research They do things very differently from other platforms in that

  1. 1.You don’t need a token pair to invest into a liquidity pool. They can swap the absent / deficient token for you. E.g. If you need to contribute USDT and TRX into a liquidity pool but only hold USDT, they can swap your USDT to TRX automatically for you to contribute to the pool.
  2. 2.They enable you to visualize the entire swap / adding liquidity process
  3. 3.Let you know exactly what you will pay in crypto and fiat denominations
  4. 4. Automate smart contracts behind the scenes so that processes such as swapping and adding liquidity. We will require much fewer steps to implement with an intuitive UI.
  5. 5.They give you a choice to customize and automate transaction parameters.
  6. 6.Transact on multiple chains without having to worry about having enough gas tokens for that chain by using ALGOBLK tokens. E.g. If you don’t have BNB, you can still transact on Binance Smart Chain by using token.

Algo “AlgoBlocks” Templates

One of the key features of the AlgoBlocks platform is the ability to use pre-programmed algorithmic templates of interactions with a DeFi product without going through several steps to execute an action.

They encourage users to create and save their interactions, that can be published on the AlgoBlocks Ico platform as an AlgoBlock. The User can use They made by us or by the community to trade, swap and farm crypto. The can be saved for your own future use or published to be shared with the community for free or for a fee that you can earn whenever someone else uses it.


The Marketplace is the last piece of the puzzle where ALGOBLOCKs users will share and publish their trading strategies.

ALGOBLK Token Utility

ALGOBLK tokens are used to reduce trading fees, stake for benefits and subscribe to pre-programmed algorithmic templates

  1. 1. Reduce Trading Fees: Get 25% off trading fees by paying with ALGOBLK tokens
  2. 2. Stake to Trade Free: Stake 1:1 value tokens to trade commission free up to the staked amount and also earn inflation interest*
  3. 3. Stake to get platform benefits: Stake ALGOBLKS to get auto stablecoin switching service
  4. 4. Stake to keep your strategy private: Keep your AlgoBlocks private by staking at least USD 300+ worth of ALGOBLK tokens
  5. 5. Universal Gas Token (“UGT”): Use ALGOBLK tokens to settle gas fees on any They will liberate you from your need to have ETH, Matic or BNB to do transactions on different chains, trade easily knowing they will do the swapping and gas fee settlement for you at the backend.
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