AladdinDAO Airdrop Review: Build The Future Of Finance

AladdinDAO Airdrop Review: Build The Future Of Finance

About AladdinDAO Airdrop

AladdinDAO Airdrop is a decentralized network to shift crypto investments from venture capitalists to wisdom of crowds through collective value discovery. At AladdinDAO, a group of world class experts in DeFi known as the AladdinDAO Boule identifies the most promising DeFi projects and enables community members to enjoy the returns of their liquidity mining programs.

As a result, the protocol will help to reduce information asymmetry and optimize asset allocations for the DeFi space overall. Using a unique voting scheme, AladdinDAO hopes to identify, analyze, and provide quality DeFi projects to our community members. Boule Members earn AladdinDAO tokens (ALD) as results of their participation in the DAO.

Token NameAladdinDAO Airdrop
PlatformBinance Smart Chain
Airdrop Start2021-06-22
Airdrop End2021-12-31
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Total Value10,000,000 ALD
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. AladdinDAO will be airdropping a total of 10,000,000 ALD to participants of various rekt projects.
  2. The total pool will be divided into ten rounds in which a total of 1,000,000 ALD will be split 50/50 every week to the top two rekt projects selected by community voting.
  3. The first two projects that got selected for round one are ForceDAO and Pickle Finance.
  4. A snapshot of various Force DAO addresses was taken at block height 12171679.
  5. Pickle Finance’s addresses with a balance were collected from the team’s data.
  6. Force DAO participants will receive 77 ALD per address and Pickle Finance participants will get 1,577 ALD per address.
  7. Eligible participants can claim their tokens from the AladdidanDAO airdrop portal.
  8. Follow their social channels to see the future projects that will get selected for the remaining nine rounds.
  9. For more information regarding AladdinDAO airdrop, see this Medium article and for information related to round one of the airdrop, see this article.

Roles Election Process

Talent Hunters are responsible to attract and recommend potential Boule candidates for the DAO. The first batch of Talent Hunters are the initial backers of AladdinDAO who carry the responsibilities to facilitate bootstrapping the talent network. Each of the initial Talent Hunters can invite up to 5 Boule Members (it can include themselves). The invited members must be elected by the DAO through a decentralized governance process to be appointed.

DAO Mining Mechanism

The DAO Mining Mechanism is designed to continually motivate Boule Members to find quality projects. There are 80% of ALD tokens generated through yield farming programs, of which 31% goes to DAO mining.

The DAO Mining Mechanism works as below.

  • There are three roles in DAO mining, Boule Members, Talent Hunters and Strategy Developers.
  • Out of 31% liquidity mining tokens going to DAO mining, 25% goes to Boule Members who identify quality projects, 5% goes to Talent Hunters who invite good talent to the Boule and 1% goes to Strategy Developers who create mining strategy contracts.
  • In addition to ALD incentives, Strategy Developers at AladdinDAO also get part of the performance fees paid from mining rewards.

DAO mining rewards are paid out in epoch and each epoch is about 2 weeks ( 100,000 block ).

Boule Members can be rewarded for either Yes or No votes. Boule Members are rewarded for Yes votes to an outperforming pool and No votes to an underperforming pool. This design is to incentivize Boule Members to vote responsibly, independently and with high conviction level.

The reward is adjusted by time decay factor to make sure that Boule Members constantly work on research for new quality assets rather than sitting on the existing portfolio’s returns.

Talent Hunters’ incentives are ranked by the collective performance of the Boule Members they recommend.

Rewards Emission

Upon the end of an epoch, voting data and pool data are collected and displayed for 48 hours. Data are then sent to contract for rewards calculation and emission. Data collected include:

  • On each epoch
    • For each pool
      • For each Boule Member
        • Mining profit from the last epoch ( MiM_iMi​ )
  • On each Boule Member join
    • Invite info
  • For each new pool created
    • Strategy Developer of pool
    • Vote info
  • Governance adjustable variables
    • The decay rate δ\deltaδ

DAO Reserve Governance

There are two parts of funds in DAO Reserve

  1. 8% of ALD tokens vested over 4 Years Liquidity Mining
  2. Allocated throughInitial Token Mining

AladdinDAO treasury will be managed by the DAO. The funds will be used to build Aladdin ecosystem in the benefit of all ALD token holders. The treasury will provide resources (i.e. code audits, community and marketing expenses) for the community to achieve the mission of the AladdinDAO.