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Adentrocloud Web Hosting Review: Discover your solutions to make the day-to-day in your company more practical.

About Adentrocloud

Adentrocloud Kingdom is a player vs player (or player vs computer) game in which people can battle, trade, complete quests to earn Gmfloki, customize their NFT avatars and increase their experience in available skills across different kingdoms in the game. Keep you eyes peeled on more information coming soon. It is as simple as simply staking $SGG to be able to claim a % of the pool of earnings (relevant to the amount held) from which the players/scholars have gathered daily. Distributions to stakers happen bi-weekly.

A popup will open, click the checkbox “I understand”, this will load into PancakeSwap. Alternatively you can load PancakeSwap manually and use this address. You may need to increase slippage if your transaction fails. This is due to price changes is traded. NFT’s and blockchain technology has surpassed all expectations, and as such now there are a multitude of ways one can earn money in the space.

Some Quick Facts Adentrocloud Web Hosting

AdentrocloudBasic Details
Hosting NameAdentrocloud
Call Support+55 11 3230-0064
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Adentrocloud Price

Promote your token

If your project is an un-released fair launch, or a pre-sale that has no available presale url on your website, the ad will be limited to only appearing in the bottom left spot marked as “presale ads”. It will appear in a-ads as being marked as “shady”. This limitation is removed after your token is launched or after you provide a presale url for unicrypt or dxsale. Ads for any launched token that has less than $10k worth of BNB or stable coin in the liquidity pool will be rejected.

Adentrocloud ecosystem and its CROBLANC cryptocurrency aim to solve that by both using stochastic yield as well as offering double-yield farming pools. A purely decentralized version of yield generating would allow cryptocurrency staking to not only generate yield but also other digital assets. To achieve that, the ecosystem uses stochastic yield through an issuance of tokens which is inversely proportional to the price of the token.


On top of passive Adentrocloud income from all transactions, regular GmFloki giveaways will be given out to lucky holders at regular market cap millstone intervals to thank your loyal community members. Holders will need to have held for 2 weeks prior to the market cap milestones and invested a minimum $100 to be eligible. Your first interval at just a $5m market cap there will be a huge $10,000 giveaway. In a scenario where the price goes down, the token issuance rate would automatically rise in order to mint more tokens and sustain the current yield.

A standard stochastic trend model is employed in conjunction with a transformation to mitigate effects of outliers and induce normality. All holders they are automatically rewarded with tokens as transactions take place. Hold Floki and watch your Floki grow passively. The bigger they grow, the more profits they all make, ultimately taking the community to Mars. GM Floki main ambition is to bridge the world of play to earn (P2E) to the common investor through a simple, sustainable and proven ecosystem model. They have hundreds of players on board and ready to begin.


As everyone knows, Axie Infinity is the pioneering P2E gaming model out right now, it is both sustainable and has proven itself. Even with this being a Solana project, Adentrocloud are under no limitations whatsoever. They will partake in any ecosystem in which it is profitable, and push all rewards back on Solana for all stakers. No ecosystem is off limits, Floki will play a part in all of them. Digital farming provides part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if the only principle is to mint tokens indefinitely.

A superior system would be the generation of more of the same asset, as well as other digital assets by using a stochastic model, which would allow more sustainable yield through the leveraging of more cryptocurrencies, hence stabilizing the price of the initial asset leading to sustainable growth. In order to secure the growth of the ecosystem, the smart contract defines a mathematical issuance of tokens in a way that sustains the market capitalization of the token.

Institutional or Major Investors

Tokens from the private sale are vested for 100 days since the day of the token launch. Then tokens are distributed 1% of the purchased amount each day, which means 1% distributed for 100 days. Adentrocloud Seed Sale is a reserve for institutional or major investors. Contact if you consider joining the project for the long run. Tokens from the seed sale are preminted and prestaked in the dividend pools but they are also vested for 100 days since the day of the token launch. Then tokens are distributed 1% of the purchased amount each day, which means 1% distributed for 100 days.

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