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What Is 0xPAD(0XPAD) ? Complete Guide & Review About 0xPAD

What Is 0xPAD(0XPAD) ?

0xPAD(0XPAD) is a multi-chain LaunchPad and a Decentralized Incubator Protocol. It is a blockchain project that is set to decentralize seed funding and angel investing, while bringing innovative ideas, projects and opportunities to supporters. roviding innovative projects with the support and resources they need to succeed. Such projects are either supported in early seed funding stage through incubator program or in the market entry stage through LaunchPad.

0xPAD(0XPAD) The Incubator program provide selected projects with development funds and other resources such as experienced developers to help build products, marketing team to aid with business growth and any other kind of supports that such a project might need. The LaunchPad help projects which already have products and are ready for market entry. The LaunchPad helps these projects to run quality and well coordinated IDO or token generation events. 0xPad adopts a solid marketing strategy to ensure that the IDO events are highly successful.

0xPAD(0XPAD) Users of 0xPad gain early investment opportunities to high quality and innovative projects on a regular basis. users can invest in these projects at the seed funding stage through novel decentralized incubator protocol or in the market entry stage by participating in IDO or token generation events held in LaunchPad. This gives users entry points to maximize the turnover of their investments. In addition to these, users also earn great staking and liquidity mining rewards.

0xPAD(0XPAD) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name0xPAD
Short Name(0XPAD)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply100,000,000
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Why 0xPad


0xPad operates as a decentralized launchpad and incubator protocol, as such, angel investing/seed funding is distributed/decentralized as it should be. This gives everyone the opportunity to partake.

Early Access to All

0xPad gives everyone the chance to invest in great ideas and projects at a very early stage. Users can participate in the early stage of seed funding and also in private/public sales.

Proper Vetting

0xPad maintains a well-rounded vetting process during the project selection stage. Detailed evaluation of the project’s use-case, roadmap, tokenomics and vesting timeline is carried out.

Secured Platform

At 0xPad, security is of utmost importance, several security tools/measures such as multi-sig vaults for funds and robust transaction validation mechanisms are implemented.


Structure As it is the intention of 0xPAD to operate as closely as possible to a true decentralized organization, 0xPAD adopts a two layer governance approach. This consists of governance at council level (Level 1) by elected and partner blockchain projects and governance at community level (Level 2) which is by user members. The council level consist of at least 10 projects or entity with equal votes. For a proposal to be passed, 7 out of the 10 council members need to vote yes. Similarly, the community votes requires a 70% yes for a proposal to be passed.


Benefit from great opportunities


0xLaunchPad allow members of 0xPad to participate in different levels and tiers of partner projects’ token sale. 0xLaunchPad uses a hybrid tier-weight token sale mechanism to ensure fairness.


0xIncubator allow members who contribute funds into the incubator pool to participate in the seed funding stage of incubated projects. This allows little investors to finally become part of angel investing.


0xVault is 0xPad’s staking and Incubator vaults. It provides holders of 0xPad’s native token with different staking pools, membership levels and staking rewards. It also gives them access to the incubator pool.


0xMine is 0xPad’s liquidity mining feature. People who participate in liquidity mining earn high mining rewards. They are ranked highest membership level and have access to IDOs and the Incubator pool.

0xPAD Token

0xPAD token is the utility token on 0xPAD, it is used on all features the protocol offers hence the token has multiple use cases.

Use Cases and Value Proposition

0xPAD token has several use cases as listed below.

  1. 1.0xPAD Membership System: The membership system of 0xPAD is dependent on 0xPAD token. The membership type or level of a user depends on which vault the user is staked in.
  2. 2.The Tier – Weight token allocation mechanism rely on 0xPAD token. A user gain access by becoming a member as stated in the previous use case but the IDO allocation the user gains access to is dependent on the quantity of 0xPAD tokens staked or the value of LP tokens lockup up in the mining pool. If the user’s stake reaches threshold, then the user gains access to the maximum allocation for that pool. If the user’s stake is less than threshold, then the allocation such a user gains access to is a weighted allocation, proportionate to the amount staked by the user.
  3. 3.Incubator allocation access is also dependent on the users membership type and the weight of the users stake. Again, all these are dependent on the amount of 0xPAD tokens staked or on the amount of LP locked up in the liquidity mining feature.
  4. 4.Voting weight of a user is dependent on the amount of 0xPAD tokens staked by the user or on the value of the user’s LP locked up in the liquidity mining feature.
  5. 5.Stakers and liquidity miners earn more 0xPAD tokens by staking 0xPAD tokens and LPs of 0xPAD tokens respectively.