What Is ZUZ Protocol (ZUZ)?

What Is ZUZ Protocol (ZUZ)? Complete Guide Review About ZUZ Protocol.

What Is ZUZ Protocol (ZUZ)?

ZUZ Protocol is a token run by the community, for the community. The token exists as a incentive for the community to build products that fulfill utility gaps within the DeFi space and directly support Zero Utility’s token. There are no dev funds, or liquidity pool keys. Your Founder “Zutoshi,” is a mysterious actor who developed the coin, including code and blank-slate purpose, and turned it over to the community; now an awesome responsibility among to carry forth.

DeFi and crypto at large is rife with scams, fraud, and outright unsustainable yields. $ZUT serves to be the very antithesis of that. What they do with the token, what you do with the token, defines its success. With $ZUT, greatness is what you make of it. They have not seen Zutoshi since. $ZUT serves to bring DeFi (quite literally) into the hands of the masses, in a form that is very real, equitable, and transparent beyond the zeitgeist. They are here to break the game.

ZUZ Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZUZ Protocol
Short NameZUZ
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,600,000
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key aspects

Original supply of 1,000 ZUT. However, 32 $ZUT was forever burned leaving the present supply at 968. No dev funds. Keys destroyed. 0.3% $ZUT/$ETH fee burn on every transaction. This burn goes straight into a locked liquidity contract ensuring that it is un-rug-gable. Coin developed and led via community syndicate. You as a holder are welcome to join the syndicate and build something great. All funds from revenue sources sent to a transparent multistage team wallet and not spent unless with unanimous community approval.

DeFi Ecosystem with Groundbreaking Tech

Since inception, $ZUT has already begun breaking the very game of DeFi. They are not here for a quick buck. ZUZ Protocol are not here to simply copy, or do what has been done. DeFi is a tool and as a community seek absolute mastery, exploration, and innovation. In a world’s first, they have developed Multi-Send tech that allows users to send NFTs to a near infinite number of people faster and cheaper than ever before.

Many of these NFTs, may include an ETH backing. In partnership with Matic
Network, they offer your NFT Multi Send offering high speed, low cost, and verified by the Ethereum network in end of day batch transactions. Upon burning an ETH backed NFT, you release the ETH “inside” of it to your wallet.

NFT Forge Immolator

In another world’s first, ZUZ Protocol also created the NFT Forge Immolator. This will be a unique NFT Minter that allows an NFT Owner to mint a “family” of NFTs all with specialized properties contained within them. If the balance falls below a predefined set condition, the NFT is burned and all corresponding privileges for holding that NFT are lost. In addition, they also have tied a timer to the NFT burning mechanism for your artists and network of creatives to use their imagination to engage their followers.

Also, this will be a symbiotic Dapp to your Multi Send as a minter will need to use your Multi-Send to send out their newly minted NFTs to users with specialized conditions contained within them. They want to be a one stop shop for a new wave of NFTs that allow dynamic, special, and one of a kind properties for projects, artists, and creatives. To begin, these NFTs are tethered to the containing wallet’s ZUT balance.

A technology as revolutionary as blockchain deserves to be housed in a casing just as spectacular

They extend your imagination to push the incredible capabilities of DeFi, block-chain and tying real world utility. Your luxury jewelry collection begins with these coins offered in silver, gold, and platinum all embedded with a tamper-resistant RFID chip in each coin. Any coin, digital wallet, or information can be added into the chip. Every coin comes with one ZUT stored in the RFID chip as well as its own spectacular mahogany case for storage.

Looking Forward

In the pipeline, ZUZ Protocol looking to bring our patented ETH wallets to not only what can fit in your pocket, but what you can also wear everyday. They will also expand your digital portfolio of tools to add additional, revenue generating protocols that fill utility gaps within the NFT, DeFi, and crypto space as a whole. They are uniquely positioned to capture what could very well be history in the making and are fervent supporters of DeFi to ensure they are here to add value to the coming tide.