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What Is Zoints (ZEE)? Complete Guide Review About Zoints.

What Is Zoints (ZEE)?

In the example above, Ticket A, five of the ticket’s numbers match the same drawn numbers, in the exact same order: all except the fourth one. Zoints However, since the fourth digit does not match the drawn number, only the first three digits count as matching in order. This would win a “Match first 3” prize. Example Ticket B. Here’s an unlucky one. Even though the last five digits match, the first digit doesn’t match, so this ticket doesn’t win anything at all. You will only share in prizes from the highest prize bracket you are eligible for. A ticket matching the first three numbers will only be eligible for prizes from the match-three bracket, and not for the match-one or match-two brackets.

Zoints Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZoints
Short NameZEE
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply10,000,000,000,000
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Prize sharing across prize brackets

Zoints a round is drawn, and tickets with matching numbers are determined, the prizes are awarded. The amount won by each ticket will depend on how many other tickets won in the same prize bracket. For example, if you have the only ticket that matched three numbers in order, and the predetermined share of the prize pool for your bracket was 2000 CAKE, you’ll receive the full 2000 CAKE.‌ If, however, you and three other people match three numbers in order, the 2000 CAKE would be split between the four winning tickets, meaning you would receive 500 CAKE.

Deciding if you’d like to enter a round

‌Not all Lottery rounds are equal. When a lottery jackpot isn’t won, the next round’s prize pool will increase; the longer it’s been since someone has won the jackpot, the larger the Lottery prize pool will be.‌ The longer a round is open, the more people can buy a ticket. Each ticket sold increases the prize pool further. Here’s how to check the current round’s prize pool and remaining time.

Remember, a lot can change in the remaining time. Many more tickets may be sold. Zoints Each sold ticket both increases the prize pool, and lowers the odds of an individual ticket winning.‌ If you’re unsure, you can always wait until later into the round to decide with more information. Just don’t wait too long and miss out.

Buying Lottery tickets

‌Buying tickets is easy. You just need a little Zoints each ticket costs approximately $5 USD (the exact CAKE price is set at the start of the round). You can choose to either randomize your lottery ticket numbers, or to choose your ticket numbers manually. Choose between the randomized numbers and manual numbers tabs below for a guide to each method.

How is Lottery v2 different from Lottery v1?

Zoints distributes prizes more widely than Lottery v1. It gives each ticket a 1 in 10 chance to match the first number, which means more tickets will at least win a small prize. It also has 6 (up from 4) numbers that need to be matched sequentially to win the biggest prize. Overall this means more tickets can win a prize, but the largest prize jackpot will be won less frequently, making for huge top prize pools.

How often is the lottery?

A lottery draw occurs every 12 or 36 hours. One lottery draw occurs every day alternating between 0 AM UTC and 12 PM UTC, next rounds after the 0 AM UTC rounds will be after 36 hours, next rounds after the 12 PM UTC rounds will be after 12 hours.

What transaction fee will I pay for buying tickets?

Every ticket purchase you make will be one transaction. Purchasing a single ticket in a Lottery purchase will cost the normal amount of fees for a transaction. However, buying more tickets in that purchase will increase the fee. Buying 100 tickets rather than 1 will not multiply the fee by 100, but may increase the fee amount by 5-6 times (though this varies).

How does the bulk discount work?

The bulk discount rewards buying larger amounts of tickets with a scaling discount. If you’re only buying 2 tickets, the discount is negligible, but will add up quickly as you increase the number of tickets to buy in the one transaction. Zoints discount only applies to each transaction up to 100 tickets. The discount does not carry over to the next transaction or next round.

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