What Is zilSurvey (SRV)?

What Is zilSurvey (SRV)? Complete Guide Review About zilSurvey.

What Is zilSurvey (SRV)?

Currently it is only possible to register as a participant using zilSurvey own account system, currently there are no plans to accept other registration methods. Your data is only used to match surveys to your account and will never be sold and or made public. If you’d like to delete your account and or data please contact via either e-mail or Telegram. You can easily reset your password via the login section.

Every week starting at 5-01-2021 zilSurvey will host airdrops to all liquidity providers on zilSwap.io. These airdrops will sent free SRV tokens to all liquidity providers. The amount of SRV received per liquidity provider is determined by the percentage of the liquidity pool held by the provider divided by the total amount of tokens available.

zilSurvey Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamezilSurvey
Short NameSRV
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000
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To build a successful product getting input / feedback from your target audience is incredibly important. Getting this feedback can often be fairly time-consuming and costs a lot of resources. zilSurvey aims to make it easy for researchers and product developers to get this feedback in a quick and cost ecient way. zilSurvey is a platform which provides product researchers and developers easy access to hundreds of dierent minds via zilSurvey participants.

When participants first sign-up they share personal data such as gender, age, interests, job, education level, salary terrace. Using this data set surveys can be directly targeted at specific groups of people. This allows for getting more valuable feedback, since for example a product aimed at cryptocurrency enthusiasts won’t be very interesting to people who’ve never heard of Bitcoin.

SRV token

zilSurvey is partially run on the Zilliqa blockchain and has it’s own ZRC-2 token. This token can either be obtained via completing surveys on zilSurvey, or directly swapped via the SRV – ZIL liquidity pool on zilswap.io. Participants who actively complete surveys on zilSurvey get rewarded with 1 SRV token per valid completed survey. This token can be held as an investment in the platform by the user, or directly swapped on zilswap.io.

Create surveys

Surveys on the zilSurvey platform can directly be created by partners using the SRV token. For 100 SRV tokens a partner can create 1 survey with up to 10 questions. This model increases the demand and value of the token, which in turn incentivizes the survey participants to complete surveys and earn rewards.

SRV token SRV tokens are sent out weekly by the platform, with a maximum of 7 tokens per participant per week. Before rewarding a participant with an SRV token the participant’s survey answers are analyzed on validity via a set of factors such as time spent on answering the survey and comparing the data against others to detect anomalies.


To give participants and partners of zilSurvey a voice in the development of the platform SRV tokens can be used to vote and create governance polls. These polls can be created and voted on via the governance. zilSurvey website. This system allows for the users who make up the platform to let themselves be heard and share their concepts and ideas.

Governance Proposals can be created for free by anyone, if a proposal reaches the minimum quorum of 20% they will be looked at for implementation by the zilSurvey team. By using SRV as a governance token it acts as an extra incentive to actively complete surveys and to hold the tokens you earn. This system increases both the demand for SRV and gives it even more utility.