What Is Zenfi? (ZENFI) Complete Guide Review About Zenfi.

What Is Zenfi? (ZENFI) Complete Guide Review About Zenfi.

What Is Zenfi?

Zenfi Coin AI provisions an Intelligent Metaverse that allows homo sapiens to create emulations of their mental state (i.e., mind and soul) that are encoded into intelligent NFTs and placed on a decentralised and everlasting storage medium.

Zenfi Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZenfi Coin
Short NameZENFI
Circulating Supply42,000,000.00 ZENFI
Total Supply42,000,000
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Best Features

Tokenized Intelligence

Combining computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics, scientists can now emulate human beings’ mental state by a series of computer codes. By bringing such codes on-chain, and denoting them under a format of NFTs, they can tokenize human intelligence and store its representation on an everlasting storage of blockchain.


Zenfi Once created, an intelligent NFT may continue to learn, adapt and evolve. They provides a Train-to-Earn incentive model. One can either pay others to provide valuable dataset on which their own intelligent NFTs could learn and train. Alternatively, one can also let their well-trained intelligent NFTs interact with others.

Intelligent Services

In the current architecture, smart contracts or other autonomous agents inhabiting the blockchains are not able to communicate with the real world solely by themselves. The contemporary solutions are Oracles. However, these oracles will eventually pale in comparison with the intelligent NFTs that offer intelligence services in the intelligent metaverse.

Intelligent Metaverse

Metaverse embodies a great potential of bringing a form of immortality to Zenfi Coin every existence. While medical advances have made significant progress in prolonging the life-expectation, other technologies have brought to the table various discussions surrounding mind uploading, or whole brain emulation, which represents one’s mental state in digital form.

Now, by fusioning the power of exponential technologies which are Blockchain and AI, they can create an intelligence metaverse in which the minds dwell. Never before there is such a quest that is as ambitious and long-lastingly impactful as intelligent metaverse.


Zenfi is working towards an intelligent metaverse that preserves our mind and intelligence beyond the limitations of the physical world and the own flesh. Ultimately, protocols will enable each human being to create an emulation of his/her mental state (i.e., mind and soul), encode it into a digital form, and place it onto a decentralised and everlasting storage medium under a format of an intelligent NFT. Such an intelligent NFT serves as a lively avatar of one’s self in the metaverse.

Platform ZENFI AI operate

ZenFi AI initially supports ERC-721, BEP-721 and TRC-721 NFTs. This means the suite will be provisioned on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Tron. They will be launching on more blockchain platforms as their NFT ecosystems expand.


ZenFi Token enables the creation of intelligent NFTs. It can be deemed as the main oxygen of the Zenfi Coin Metaverse. ZenFi Token also facilitates transactions between intelligent NFTs, particularly in Train-To-Earn and Intelligence Services. Token serves as a medium on which incentives can be built and implemented in the Intelligent Metaverse.


A true intelligent metaverse of course requires a form of decentralised and autonomous governance and administration. ZenFi Token serves to ensure that such decentralised governance is possible.

Blockchain technologies

It is a distinctive AI-powered digital representation that has its own personality and blockchain-managed ownership. It is a perfect fusion of the two exponential technologies, namely AI and Blockchain, that are set to transform the world that Zenfi are living in. As provably on-chain and temporally consistent representation of human minds, intelligent NFTs are unique forms of intelligences, with their own evolutionary trajectories.

Tokenized Intelligence

The digital transformation of one’s self and intelligence needs to be stored on an everlasting storage medium so as to ensure its long-lasting existence. To this end, blockchain technology and more specifically, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a prime and most natural candidate. The end result would be an intelligent NFT. An intelligent NFT is arguably the perfect lego for an
intelligent Metaverse.