What Is Zelwin (ZLW)?

What Is Zelwin (ZLW)? Complete Guide Review About Zelwin.

What Is Zelwin (ZLW)?

For each purchase, you receive a guaranteed cashback in ZLW tokens. You will be able to immediately exchange these tokens to different monetary currencies USD / EUR, send them to your VISA / MasterCard, or save them. The more you buy, the more ZLWs you receive. You will be able to exchange received Zelwin tokens for money or cryptocurrency right on our website.

They give away gifts and ZELWIN (ZLW) tokens for participation in our loyalty program. It will not make sense for them to circumvent you. On the contrary, while using your unique referral link, which will be available in your personal account, stores will pay a reduced commission (by 2%) from all their sales.

Zelwin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZelwin
Short NameZLW
Circulating Supply72,331,834.17 ZLW
Total Supply300,000,000
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Transfer to Visa/Mastercard

You can exchange ZLW for USD/EUR and transfer funds to your bank card. When I participate in an Affiliate Program, attract customers, give my referral link Zelwin and a person finally registers via this link, will I receive a cashback for everything that he buys? Everything is simple. They get an additional sales channel, the registration on is free and there are no monthly fees. They pay only commission for real sales. During these hard times, stores won’t refuse to get an additional source of sales with zero risks.

Buy cryptocurrency

Buy Bitcoins, Ethers and other cryptocurrencies for ZLW without leaving your personal account. By purchasing any of your Affiliate Packages you will receive an additional bonus in your Zelwin token coins (ZLW), which you can exchange for real money, send to your VISA or Master card or save them up because the cost of these coins can skyrocket over time, this is a market mechanism.

Your system should grow on an ongoing basis, that’s why they introduced such rules. At the same time, they want to note that even after the expiration of any paid package, you still remain in the “Affiliate System” and you save all percentage of attracting buyers and partners.

Transfer to stock exchanges

You can transfer ZLW to any account immediately after accumulating the required withdrawal amount. Subscribe to our social networks not only to be able to receive Zelwin free tokens, but also to be the first to know about our promotions, contests, and new affiliate programms. Start earning right now.

you are automatically transferred to the BEGINNER package and continue to receive rewards from the connected stores, but in minimal amounts. This encourages you to be more active, which is also very beneficial to all parties.

Many countries worldwide

First of all, Zelwin are a global marketplace, and MLM and any multilevel schemes are prohibited in many countries worldwide. They are considered financial pyramids. Therefore, they initially abandoned this idea. Secondly, they have an honest and absolutely transparent Affiliate Program. You earn, the buyers earn, the sellers earn, that’s why they earn also. There is no need to play around. Everybody’s income can be easily and clearly calculated beforehand.

Major partners in China

Zelwin focused on your major partners in China, who told that yellow-red colors are the most suitable for us. At the same time blue color should be completely removed (the blue color is usually used on European websites), because it is the color of weakness. They decided not to argue. The designers offered a lot of options for ZELWIN character. They’ve chosen the symbol of prosperity and well-being. They’ve realized that this is exactly what they need and your Chinese partners will really like it as well as the other partners all over the world. 

SILVER package and start connecting companies

Zelwin You started on a free basis, scored 10 companies, and saw that sales are going well – then you buy a SILVER package and start connecting companies to it. At the same time, those companies that remained at the BEGINNER package stay with you. After you have connected stores to SILVER package, and decided that you want to take the next package further, you may take the GOLD or PREMIUM package. All companies on SILVER remain in automatic mode until the package expired, etc.