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What Is ZeLoop Eco Reward (ERW) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About ZeLoop Eco Reward

What Is ZeLoop Eco Reward (ERW) Coin Review ?

ZeLoop Eco Reward recognize consumers as the heart of circular economies. They create value for waste that is disconnected from the residual value of the material collected. By incentivizing users for embodying pro-environmental behaviors, intend to eliminate contamination in nature. ZeLoop creates awareness for disposing of waste responsibly, which contributes positively to a clean environment.”

ZeLoop Eco Reward At the age of 50, Eric Schaffner, a graduate of the National School of Agronomy and Food Industries (ENSAIA) in Nancy, is a confirmed expert in packaging and packing, particularly with regard to drinks, for having supported the colors of Sidel (Tetra Laval), the international leader in blow molding machines for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, all over the world.

ZeLoop Eco Reward Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Eric Schaffner sees day after day that plastic bottles don’t always end up in the right place to be recycled and, at the same time, is interested in the company of Alexandre Rigaud, Fabien Chung, and Tuan Pham experts in blockchain and mobile app development that develops virtual token solutions and cryptocurrencies. Having the same vision for a better world and strongly believing that everyone should act for it: why not combine the two? Thus, was born ZeLoop, with the idea of applying the codes of telephone games to the collection of packaging to enhance the sorting gesture by means of the blockchain.

ZeLoop Eco Reward (ERW) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZeLoop Eco Reward
Short NameERW
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply80,000,000,000
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ZeLoop – “The eco-friendly app that rewards for not littering“

Planet Earth, our home, is suffering. And one of the main reasons is the misuse of plastic. Plastic and waste littering has become a very real threat today to the life on Earth as every piece of plastic that we throw out into the environment releases toxic chemicals or particles that make the water and the soil impure and unfit for use. If that’s not enough, it eventually ends up inside us and every other organism on Earth.

This needs to stop and we need to do something NOW! The issue is not plastic as a material but the ways in which we use it and most importantly, how we dispose of it. We at ZeLoop are on a mission to bring together every individual on Earth in a mutual effort to reduce plastic littering and bring a significant impact on the health of our world, nature, and our fellow beings. This is only possible with a new mindset and improved behavior. And we believe that everyone can contribute to this change.

How ZeLoop Works

We are proud to introduce to you, ZeLoop! Protecting the Environment is a serious matter but our APP will make it fun and rewarding.    

Recycle Plastic

Collect your used plastic bottles and drop them at one of our collecting point.


Collect as much litter as possible while running,
walking, kayaking.

Get Rewarded

Gain tokens, trophies, medals and much more for every one of your actions.

Redeem Rewards

Swap your Eco Rewards against items you love or trade them for actual money.

Tired of « Pay to Win » games? Play to Earn with Zeloop

Collect bottles or waste, take a picture, drop them and claim your Eco Rewards. Every action you take will grant medals to your Hero. Become the champion of the new waste and plastic circular economy. Join our community!