What Is Zebi? (ZEBI) Complete Guide Review About Zebi .

What Is Zebi? (ZEBI) Complete Guide Review About Zebi.

What Is Zebi?

Zebi is a full-stack core-blockchain company founded by Silicon Valley veterans.Full-stack means that operates in the entire blockchain ecosystem – infrastructure and products. Core blockchain means that does not offer any other service apart from blockchain. The Public Blockchain (Zebi Mainnet) is a public blockchain designed to be a multi-chain and multi-token platform built on Cosmos, with modular libraries for several data and security use cases. The Secure Cloud  is an enterprise-grade cloud stack, powered by blockchain platform that leverages the core IP built  by into a cloud offering.

Zebi Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZebi
Short NameZEBI
Circulating Supply803,668,162.78 ZEBI
Total Supply1,062,899,326
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Cloud First

Zebi Coin an Enterprise Cloud  First stack that helps customers manage risk, compliance and governance on data and data infrastructure. Specifically, it helps customers manage third party cloud infrastructure with confidence and  ease.

Key Offerings

  • Forensics & Audit , covers everything from infrastructure monitoring, evidence management, regulatory compliance and security
  • Security and Encryption leverages the patented secure key management  and encryption/decryption
  • Secure Storage is the proprietary layer that makes data storage secure, distributed, tamper resistant and fault tolerant

Infinitely Scalable

Zebi powered by a third generation enterprise grade blockchain stack and the proprietary layers  that make it better, stronger and faster, the core architecture provides a modular approach to solving some of the most challenging problems.

Core modules

  • Modular approach to building products, specific to enterprise needs ranging from startups to large corporates and governments
  • API driven approach for quick integration into key apps lowering overall cost, time and complexity

Forensics & Audit

The Micronode acts as a flight recorder on a machine preserving critical data that is useful in  forensics and fraud prevention.

  • Guaranteed tamper resistance for critical evidence, files  and logs, across IT infrastructure
  • Integrated with SIEM or within the cloud infrastructure, or as an API

Secure & Distributed Storage

A Zebi Coin storage layer API provides the ability to store data in a WORM mode, utilizing space across the infrastructure

  • Provides low cost and secure storage for archivals and backups
  • Enables utilization of unused space across the IT organization


Zebi mainnet is launched with the learnings that they have found to be the real game changers in blockchain adoption, apart from learning what others have done in the ecosystem. One of the biggest learning outcomes is that it is almost impossible for each and every use case to be fit into a single public blockchain, as the needs of various use cases are different. Simply put, the eventual goal for ZPB is to operate one chain for speed, one for governance, one built to HIPAA standards and other features. Zebi has token, a base utility token which will be used as mode of payment for all services, including transaction processing and data protection by platform.

Communication Protocol

Zebi Communication Protocol (ZCP) is a crucial protocol for Inter-Blockchain Communication to
handle cross chain data transport, authentication and reliability. Zebi Public Blockchain is built on Cosmos which is a network of many blockchains powered by Tendermint. While most existing public blockchains are based on “single Blockchain” with total global transaction ordering, Cosmos network uses a hub-and-zone model for interoperability where zones (independent blockchains) can transact with other zones by routing through a hub (also an independent blockchain). This protocol is called the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) in Cosmos parlance which is a protocol for sending messages between chains to represent transactions.