What Is ZB Token (ZB)?

What Is ZB Token (ZB)? Complete Guide Review About ZB Token.

What Is ZB Token (ZB)?

The client uses four HTTP instructions to operate the server resources and realize the state transitions of the presentation layer. Developers are advised to use the REST API for operations such as trading or asset withdrawal. Where any user of this Website violates any provision in this statement and consequently violates any clause of relevant laws of the Independent State of Samoa, this Website, as a service provider, is obliged to improve the rules and services of this platform.

ZB Token However, this Website does not have either the motivation for violating any law of the Independent State of Samoa, nor has this Website committed any actual breach of any of the relevant laws of the laws of the Independent State of Samoa in such circumstances, and will not assume any joint or several liability for the acts of the user. In the architecture of RESTful, each URL represents one kind of resource; Some representation layers of this resource are transferred between client and server.

ZB Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZB Token
Short NameZB
Circulating Supply463,288,810.00 ZB
Total Supply2,100,000,000
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Websocket API

ZB Token is a new protocol of HTML5. It realizes the full-duplex communication between client and server, makes data being rapidly transferred in both directions. The connection between client and server can be established through a simple handshake, and the server can actively push information to the client according to business rules. Its advantages are as follows.

When data is transferred between client and server, request header information can be relatively small which is about 2 bytes. Both client and server can actively send data to each other. No need to create TCP requests and destroy them multiple times to save bandwidth and server resources. It is strongly recommended that developers use WebSocket API to obtain information such as market data and depth.

Sample code

ZB Token For Trade API and Margin API, a single IP is limited to 10,000 access per minute, while over 10,000 access will be locked for 1 hour and automatically unlocked after one hour. This Website is intended to provide, to its best efforts, financial products and a trading platform of professional and international standards, for the majority of global digital assets enthusiasts and investors, on the precondition that it does not violate any of the relevant laws and regulations of the Independent State of Samoa.

It is prohibited to use this Website for the purpose of engaging in illegal trading activities such as money laundering, smuggling and commercial bribery; where any account is found to involve any of the aforementioned illegal activities, this Website will freeze the account and immediately report such account to the relevant authority. Use sha to encrypt the secret key first, then sign the requested parameters according to the encrypted secret key, request the parameters to be sorted and encrypted according to the ascii value, and fill the 16-bit encryption with md5.

Spot/Margin Trading

Support multiple coins trading and high liquid markets. Support 3x leverage trading and High-performance matching trading. ZB Token Support multiple fiat currency tradings
Platform guarantees, fast and secure. Any matter not covered in this statement shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the Independent State of Samoa. Where this statement is in conflict with the relevant laws and regulations of the Independent State of Samoa, the latter shall prevail.

Financial security systems

ZB Token Multi-level and multi-cluster system architecture. More than 4 years of safe, stable infrastructure operating. 24 hour online customer service has served millions of users Quick response to user’s questions. For any disclosure of the user’s privacy, failure in the operation of the account and any such losses arising therefrom, this Website will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever.

Where a competent authority, on the strength of an applicable investigation certificate, requests this Website to cooperate with any investigation relating to any designated user, or if the account of the user is subject to such measures as closure, freezing, or transfer, this Website will, as is required by the competent authority, assist such authority by providing corresponding data relating to the account user, or carrying out the corresponding operation as is required by the competent authority.