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What Is Yukon ($YUKON)? Complete Guide Review About Yukon.

What Is Yukon ($YUKON)?

Blockchain technology can provide Yukon a solution on value transfer. Blockchain technology has undergone an evolution from a single decentralized ledger application to a virtual space-time value transfer layer, and has now realized a virtual world value transfer platform. With the development of the blockchain application layer, it is foreseeable that DeFi + NFT + Mobile + AI will be the four key elements in building the met averse. The creation of UGC content in the metaverse will rely on NFT to bring value permanently on chain and to promote the basic content construction of the metaverse.

Yukon Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameYukon
Short Name$YUKON
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply470,000,000,000
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$RVP Reflection

Holders of Yukon will passively receive $RVP airdropped directly into their wallets. Simply hold and you will see your $RVP balance in your wallet grow over time. DAMN NFT created new interactive methods for NFT, including the support for equity NFT and physical NFT.

Besides their collection value, card holders can enjoy special equity such as fee reduction, mining reward bonus, loot boxes, lottery and more in the DAMN ecosystem. Equity varies with the rarity of the equity card. Physical NFT is quite rare. Once a user gets a physical NFT, the corresponding reward can be claimed.

Heavy Marketing Push

The 6% Marketing Wallet Reflection allows your team to realize your extremely aggressive marketing campaign. They have billboards, NFL and NCAA athlete partnerships, Crypto Twitter Influences, Instagram Influences, Crypto Ads, Giveaways, and much more planned!

Automatic LP Growth

Every trade contributes towards the liquidity pools for Uniswap and exchanges will be listed.


This is community driven. With the help of your active community, there is no limit to what this token can achieve. A team will consistently bring giveaways and contests to garnish community engagement and award your community for their hard work.

Burn Baby Burn

They will burn 30% of the entire supply upon launch. Another 50% will be periodically burned throughout the life of the token to benefit the long term holders.

Yukon-Land Game

They will deploy an interactive NFT-based game, exclusive to holders where your community can play and earn rewards directly.

Why did you choose $RVP for reflection to holders?

They are holders of $RVP. They chose $RVP over other options such as $ETH, because $RVP is a potentially very high-reward option that gives holders a reflection that they can hold long-term and realize huge gains on down the road.

How do I buy $YUKON?

You can buy through Uniswap, using ETH or any ERC-20 based coins to swap. Use 16-18% Slippage. The basic layer of DAMN mobile app consists of wallet and dApp browser. Users can generate private keys and mnemonic words in their mobile wallets, and can also import or export them. The dApp browser will support a large number of dApps to seamlessly connect via Web3 and make it accessible to the address in the wallet.

Is there a Pre-Sale or Private Sale?

They do not plan to have a pre-sale. Pre-sales lead to bots and short-sighted holders who dump upon launch. They will have a 2-Tier Private Sale. The highest tier allocation will go to those your team trusts will hold long term and buy into the incredible vision they have for this token. The lower tier will go to whitelist contest winners, and those engaged in your community from the beginning.

What does Community-Driven mean?

A team strongly believes that the success of will lie in the community. Most tokens in this space do not utilize their communities to their fullest potential and suffer because of this. Long-Term success depends on an actively-engaged community, and they will ensure the community feels appreciated and engages in collective marketing and hype-efforts.


What Is Yukon ($YUKON)? Complete Guide Review About Yukon.
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