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What Is YouLive Coin (UC) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About YouLive Coin

What Is YouLive Coin (UC) Coin Review ?

YouLive vision is to build the world’s first truly decentralized live broadcast social platform through blockchain technology and to achieve real-time sharing, social and circle building with community-based autonomy, allowing all participants to directly obtain the value affirmation from each other in the ecosystem through subversive value recognition and value allocation mechanism.

YouLive focuses on Influencers and Viewers, allowing the community participants’ payment and rewards to be fair, reasonable and free from exploitation in a decentralized and trustworthy way. YouLive will completely reshape the operating model of existing live broadcast industry and transform the economic incentive system itself into a system that can circulate within the system to create a completely decentralized community ecosystem

YouLive(UC) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameYouLive
Short NameUC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max SupplyN/A
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YouLive For such a live broadcast ecology, payment efficiency and video transmission is the crucial underlying technology. Therefore, YouLive team also actively explore new directions in technology and establish technical communication with the top R & D teams in the world. The highly efficient parallel computing mechanism that Parser can meet the ecological computing needs of live broadcast systems; and its support for the transaction packet function just to meet the YouLive ecosystem within the different transaction and payment scenarios. At the same time audience viewing streaming media is also constantly upgrading, higher resolution and higher bit-rate streaming media technology upgrade is imminent. YouLive team initially designed the DSN distributed streaming media network solution.

YouLive Ecosystem

YouLive As an experiment of using virtual currency on a large scale, the characteristics, such as instantness, interactivity, high frequency and virtuality must be met, and the live broadcast platform is the best application scenario to meet the above requirements. YouLive will build a decentralized live broadcast platform through technical means aiming to serve the entire community, so that the transactions among community members are decentralized, trustworthy and cannot be tampered with.

Technical Composition

YouLive The YouLive platform is built based on ælf public chains, IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) distributed storage technology, CDN (Content Distribute Network) acceleration technology, and RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) real-time transmission technology.

Live Room

YouLive The Live Room is the place for the direct interaction between the Influencers and the Viewers, mainly including live entertainment and live games. Anyone wishing to distribute and share content can apply for a live broadcast, provided that the platform and community conventions are complied with.

Taking Payment System as Example

YouLive platform will build a payment system based on blockchain and ælf network, where goods or services are priced and paid in tokens. System participant will receive a system-generated token wallet after registering for an account, and transaction payments from participants in the system will be made 12 via token transfer within their respective wallets. Blockchain technology provides powerful technical support for cross-border payment and peer-to-peer payment

Features :

YouLive Client Layer The Client Layer will handle compatibility issues for various devices, including language adaptation for various development platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Web; management and maintenance of message channels, including weak network management on mobile devices, restore after disconnection, etc.; guarantee for data security, all upstream and downstream data packets need encryption and decryption to avoid data leakage or MITM attack and other security risks

Routing Layer

YouLive As the transit of service access layer, this layer also bears the role of load balancing and high availability for more convenient expansion when single business node processing capacity reaches bottleneck, the Routing Layer makes the business layer expansion completely transparent to the front gateway layer; when a network business cluster encounters network failure, it can be switched to standby network to ensure service availability.