What Is yOUcash (YOUC)?

What Is yOUcash (YOUC)? Complete Guide Review About yOUcash.

What Is yOUcash (YOUC)?

With the growing popularity of Blockchain technology, millions of people around the world are adopting a new way of value transfer. The time to optimize advertisement business has come. Blockchain technology allows to provide monetary benefit that enables advertisers, businesses and consumers make and get payments immediately without the delays. often experienced with the chain of procedures in the conventional financial system. yOUcash The major advantage of blockchain technology is that it revolves around decentralization and security, offering remarkable benefits for connecting both advertisers and businesses.

Advertising, the fuel and blood of the Internet economy, is on the verge of a blockchain revolution and the goal of businesses and advertisers is to maximize marketing effect while minimizing marketing cost. In order to reach this goal, they have to target the right audience using the right channel at the right time. yOUcash at YOU, have a vision to disrupt the chaotic patterns and inefficiency of digital connection in advertising and businesses by building a completely new decentralized, tokenized platform that works effectively and seamlessly to connect over 200 million advertisers and businesses with actual targeted users of above 4 billion paid to watch ads.

Thus, there are some basic challenges facing digital advertising today in which YOU engine intends to provide a lasting solution to it. Nowadays, when consumers prefer purchasing everything (from clothes to food to nearly anything) online, digital advertising has started significantly over leaping traditional media. However, both sellers and buyers face substantial drawbacks of traditional digital advertising.

yOUcash Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameyOUcash
Short NameYOUC
Circulating Supply7.92B YOUC
Total Supply11,000,000,000
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Transparency in the ad tech industry plays a very important role. yOUcash, a product owner at Banner flow, once said, “you need to know where your banners are served. And you need to know where your money is spent in the ad tech chain.” This makes sense because if you do not know what you pay for, you lose control over the budget you allocated to the ad campaign Publishers and advertisers are doing business, so their activities are oriented toward making money. However, such a fragmented economy makes media buyers pay a much higher price than it’s really worth.


yOUcash Another bothersome problem of digital advertising is trust between advertising Buyers and Sellers. Problems confronting Buyers often waste time selecting the right advertising platform and agency. They are unable to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of advertising before buying, and cannot ensure that they will receive the ROI promised. Problems confronting Sellers.

Sellers of advertising products and services risk not being paid for the services they provide. Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms are often unable to collect payments due to credit cards being declined or clients’ accounts not having enough funds to cover transactions. This leads to having many clients with bad debts and an overall loss of revenue.

Inefficient Ad Management

Manually managing ads across different channels requires agencies to put in a lot of time, but is still ineffective. Managing ads across multiple campaigns on multiple channels is time and laborintensive. If agencies are unable to properly control the performance of their advertising, clients may have to pay for wasted and inefficient services.

yOUcash An advertising agency employee may only work eight hours per weekday at an advertising agency, yet agencies must manage advertising campaigns that run 24/7. Advertising agencies are simply unable to give enough attention to every ad and advertising channel to fully make the most from an advertising budget.

Cross Border Complexity

This challenge involves attracting and retaining global customers, which requires multi-currency billing options. For example, brands and media agencies from around the world work in various currencies which constantly fluctuate. For this, you need a secure and sustainable platform that will be able to execute various multi-currency scenarios. On yOUcash, data is transparent and verifiable to enable advertisers and businesses access to information they need to make better decisions about what’s best option available for them to connect effectively with their users and improve their business